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  1. Psycho

    Broken Ground Design Thread

    always pick black! never trust whitey! 😎
  2. Psycho

    New challenge

    Coming out sooner from Criticle Hti! Advanced Leader Jedi! 17000 map panuls that you cut out with 54000 cownters that wee will double if you akt now! All this for just $499.99! But entur the cuepon suckerz for a 1% discount!
  3. Psycho

    New challenge

    Stormtroopers used a Sterling SMG based weapon:
  4. Psycho

    What ASL scenario packs are available online for purchase as a digital download?

    no the owners deleted my page cuz they wanted me to start paying & I told them to go f themselves. I need to find a new place but I'm in the process of moving again, hopefully for the last time. I'll finally be back over near my kids & it looks like I'll finally live in a trailer for real so...
  5. Psycho

    What ASL scenario packs are available online for purchase as a digital download?

    there's the contests on here if you can find them like the ASLSK contest, the 3 Monkeys with Typewriters contests & two Quickfire Challenges & there's various newsletters like Banzai or View from the Trenches or DC Conscripts have scenarios from time to time
  6. Psycho

    WO 2023

  7. Psycho

    Placed DC vs Concealed

  8. Psycho

    WO 2023

    Texas units are TI for two turns 🐄
  9. Psycho

    Is there any OB given counter you really don't want?

    German MMG counter C. I think it has an attitude problem! 😠
  10. Psycho

    Operation Windsor - Carpiquet Airfield - HASL

    I found the scenarios in my ASL file. it was the Monkeys with Typewriters I - Battles of Carpiquet contest
  11. Psycho

    Operation Windsor - Carpiquet Airfield - HASL

    the dudes on here ran a contest many years ago so if you can find that thread (it was way back when Don Maddox owned/ran the forum) maybe one of them would be interested. it's probably been moved I'd guess into the Designers Forum right here somewhere.
  12. Psycho

    Who wants a Stalingrad watch?

    I can't read digital... you get off my lawn, perverts! 😠
  13. Psycho

    Board BFP - U

    been there, done that but what happens in Livingston Parish stays in Livingston Parish! :censored:
  14. Psycho

    Non-historical scenarios

    I would not play it
  15. Psycho

    Overlay X20?

  16. Psycho

    The ASL Word of the Day

    I use the word shithead alot while driving 🏎
  17. Psycho

    A Psycho spotting???

    MonkMonk doesn't like to be called Waldo! now he's gonna fling his poo everywhere! 🐒💩 say hello to his buddy Turd Ferguson!
  18. Psycho

    A Psycho spotting???

    Ancient Egyptians knew their shit! Cats are our masters! Bow you lowly peons!
  19. Psycho

    A Psycho spotting???

    besides... the guy looks way too clean so he couldn't be mistaken for me (& he ain't inked up like me)