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  1. Carln0130

    CC and withdraw / rout Q's

    Ok. So, I looked at your example on VASL. if the AFV moved into T6 and broke the units in either the Movement Phase with Bounding First Fire or in the Advancing Fire Phase, I assume after passing their BOG check and not falling into the Cellar, then in the Rout Phase those units rout out. No...
  2. Carln0130

    Web site now up

    First post first sentence Dan :). <<Folks, The website is now up and running at >> All good. Should you visit and have any difficulties, please let me know. Thanks, Carl
  3. Carln0130

    Web site now up

    Hi Daniel. or Home ( for the precise link. I just went there. Did you perhaps type in ".org"? That is another site, without product. Please let me know if this takes care of the problem for you as I certainly would like to help and thanks for alerting me to the issue.
  4. Carln0130

    Web site now up

    I completely understand.
  5. Carln0130

    Best of the Bunker pack - Now Available, Instantly.

    Which is why I made the point in my posts on the Yankee ASL sub-forum here and on the site itself that this is mostly for: New Players who don't own it. Old Players who don't own any Dispatches or have let their subscription lapse and have holes in it. Overseas players who fall into the above...
  6. Carln0130

    What ASL Product Have You Bought Recently?

    I picked up St. Mere Eglise from the hobby shop I work at, Citadel Game Cellar in Groton Ct. I am officially cowed.
  7. Carln0130

    Account verification emails

    Close relationship, but Vic was always shorter. I don't want him joined at my hip. We work together, but truth be told, I network with a lot of folks from the ASL community.
  8. Carln0130

    Account verification emails

    Hi Jazz, just getting to this now. No, this endeavor is not directly linked to Dispatches anymore than MMP's scenario pack Out Of The Bunker was. It is simply a best of pack for scenarios from Dispatches, that covers the range of scenarios that were not covered in MMP's offering. That I...
  9. Carln0130

    Account verification emails

    Thanks for that PTY.
  10. Carln0130

    Account verification emails

    Hi guys. Has anyone been experiencing a lag time receiving confirmation emails for making an account prior to ordering that exceed 5 minutes? If so, please let me know as we are still fine-tuning the site. Needless to say any problems at all, please notify me here or directly at carlhnogueira @...
  11. Carln0130

    Web site now up

    Additional Info on the Best Of The Bunker Pack The Best of the Bunker pack consists of 20 ASL scenarios from Dispatches From The Bunker. In the opinion of Tom Morin, Vic Provost and I (Carl Nogueira) the best of the pick from the Dispatches scenarios numbered 57-158. If you own the “Works”...
  12. Carln0130

    Best of the Bunker pack - Now Available, Instantly.

    Yes, please guys, do check your spam. the notice, being from a new entity, may well route there. Thanks for your support Paul.
  13. Carln0130

    Web site now up

    Sure, been busy tonight so need to do some bookkeeping here. Here is what this is all about: Best of the Bunker, which has been worked on for a couple of years, is finally ready to be presented to the ASL public. It is 20 scenarios, from Dispatches from the Bunker, that, in the opinion of...
  14. Carln0130

    Web site now up

    Folks, The website is now up and running at Sebastiano of Advancing Fire has kindly allowed me to link off his site for our designs. We will be adding content as we go. Thank you all very much. Glad we finally got this off the ground. Guys, to order, please create a...
  15. Carln0130

    Our website is Under Construction

    Folks, Our website is under construction and our Best Of The Bunker product featuring 20 of the best from the Bunker, from scenarios 57-158 and featuring beautiful artwork and Graphics from Broken Ground's Alan Findlay should be out this week. Please stay tuned. Thanks, Carl
  16. Carln0130

    Top contributors to the world of ASL

    I was thinking a gold pocket protector would be more appropriate, all things considered.....................
  17. Carln0130

    Walkthrough of River Assault?

    Hi Carlsson. Do you have Dispatches From the Bunker. I wrote an article, Dinant Decoded in vol 50. Please IM me here if you do not have that. Also, check in the rules forum section here for errata and also for search for the several threads on the CG. Last but not least, please feel free to...
  18. Carln0130

    Nor'Easter XXVII Last call for tee shirt orders

    Folks, the last call for tee shirt orders for the Nor'easter will be 02/24/2023. Please let me know here that you would like to get a tee shirt and in what size by then. Tee Shirts are 25.00 and will have this image on the shirt. Along with the tournament name and the snappy tag line "Come to...
  19. Carln0130

    2023 ASL Production Schedule

    Jan, were you part of the design team or the playtest team?