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  1. rahamy

    Dual-membership game

    Gents, Helping a fellow member here getting a game. He needs a match to stay active in the ACWGC, but would like to play with someone registered here as well. If youa re open for a game let me know. Probably something on the small to medium side, and he usually plays Union. Regards, Rich
  2. rahamy

    Campaign Ozark scenario or two?

    Looking for someone to play some of the Campaign Ozark scenarios, which tend to be on the smaller side. I prefer to play the Rebs as well...interested parties either post or e-mail me!
  3. rahamy

    New Multi Player game

    Gents, We had an overflow of people from the first MP game I got going, so we're looking to set up chime in if you are interested.
  4. rahamy

    Multi Player Gamer? - Gettysburg...

    Guys, Anyone up for a multi player game (2 on 2 or 3 on 3) of the Rebels in Gettysburg scenario? I'm itching to use my big wall map for some planning. :) For those who don't know what I mean, check this out: ---------------------...
  5. rahamy

    Need a game?

    Gents, If you post here and don't get a match, don't just dissapear! Send me a Private Message through this forum, or e-mail me and I will make sure you get a game. Regards, Rich
  6. rahamy

    Chateaux, and how to take them

    <B><FONT size=+2>CHÂTEAUX, AND HOW TO TAKE THEM</FONT></B> <B>By Matt Payton</B> <H3><FONT color=#0080ff>The Basics</FONT> </H3> First, we must look at the basic objectives / methods that are used in attacking a Chateau. First, why are you attacking this chateau? (Hint: The answer is not...
  7. rahamy


    Looking for a match in Peninsula...when y'all get your copy. :laugh:
  8. rahamy

    Small to Med match...

    I have all the HPS games and am looking for a match. I usually prefer to play with the following optional rules: I'm negotionable on all except Weak ZOC's and Single turns (as opposed to multiple phases).
  9. rahamy


    Gents, Just sharing this link for a report a guy put together from another club: Regards, Rich
  10. rahamy


    Looking for a smallish match in one of the HPS titles, preferably Gettysburg or Corinth. We can register it once the system get's up to speed. I prefer to play the Rebs, and use the following rules: Regards, Rich