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  1. rshurtz

    SF Cellars Manilla

    Yep definitely a challenge for the Americans to go down and clear the rats out with that 1 squad stacking limit.
  2. rshurtz

    Berserk & DC

    Had a 8-0 leader declare a DC placement, the resulting DFF caused him to go berserk. So the placement was successful! He then proceeded to run into the hex. Does the DC effect the berserk leader in AFPH? It appear no as he is not in melee.
  3. rshurtz

    SF Cellars Manilla

    Just to confirm my understanding on SF4.43. Hex 4D78 has no stairwell. Therefore the Japanese unit has no LOS to any of the American units (and vice versa) correct?
  4. rshurtz

    Manila questions

    Finish Day 1 of CG1. Had a question during refit. 20.6149 says to keeps crews equal to the number of ATR/MMG/HMG. This promoted the question of how the Japanese get an ATR? they are not listed on the Infantry Company SW chart?
  5. rshurtz

    Manila questions

    Sarge, On subsequent days of CG1 are the American's limited to entering on hexes they controlled the previous day? or can they always enter on the North edge west of 4H1? CG11 says friendly controlled hexes, so I assume the Japanese have the opportunity to control board edge hexes and limit...
  6. rshurtz

    Seeking PTO Playtesters for a Sangshak Project. If interested, please apply within

    Carl, I would be willing to Playtest the CG if you have a playtest partner for me.
  7. rshurtz

    Live VASL games Wanted July 24th-27th

    Sounds good!
  8. rshurtz

    Live VASL games Wanted July 24th-27th

    I have some vacation this week and I'm looking to fill my VASL dance card. I will play any scenario any theater, sorry no SK. I'm available beginning Sunday from 5pm-11pm Central Time. Then Monday to Wednesday anytime from 7am-11pm central. PM me if your interested in setup a game.
  9. rshurtz

    Manila questions

    CG1 Questions/confirmation. 1. Which hexes are considered north of the river in regards to the eastern part of Map2? Specifically, where would the Japanese reinforcements enter? Confirming that Amphibians can not utilize the Pasig River, only the 1 hex wide Esteros north of the river are...
  10. rshurtz

    Manila questions

    Are they treated as open ground for any other purposes? ie FFMO?
  11. rshurtz

    konigsberg HASL

    Is there a vasl map yet?
  12. rshurtz

    Gusts and SMOKE during RPh and PFPh

    Your interpretation is correct. how long it remains just depends on when it is placed and when the gusts are rolled. Don't forget Gusts also effect smoke at the beginning of the Advance fire phase. For example: You place Smoke in your turn PFPH. In your opponents turn he rolls Gusts during...
  13. rshurtz

    New Live VASL CG

    Really anything although I did just start a FB CG. I sent you a PM let me know what interests you.
  14. rshurtz

    New Live VASL CG

    I'm looking to add another CG to my live VASL schedule. I'm available most evenings from 6-10pm US central time and on weekends have some added flexibility. I would be willing to try almost any CG. If your interested in campaigning on live VASL with Skype or Discord (sorry no PBEM) PM me and...
  15. rshurtz

    Live VASL mini tournament

    I have been considering conducting an ASLOK style mini tournament using live VASL with Skype. All the competition of going to a tournament without ever leaving home. 8 players 3 rounds 1 day Scenarios on the list would be playable in 4-5 hours Start times would look like this. Round 1 start...
  16. rshurtz

    Budapest CG Live VASL & Skype

    Looking for an opponent for a Festung Budapest CG using live vasl (Sorry PBEM is just not for me). Can play weeknights from 6-9pm central time. Plus usually available for some weekend play. If your interested and can play at least 2 sessions per week send me a PM. I will play either side in...
  17. rshurtz

    November lines at Stalingrad Question

    Founf this on a German site that states is it the line on November 1st.
  18. rshurtz

    Foxhole to Foxhole

    1 MF to leave the 1st FH 1 MF to enter the new hex 1 MF to enter the 2nd FH 3 MF total FFMO applies to the first 2 MF
  19. rshurtz

    ASL 210 This is Where we Stand

    Another thing to consider here is the IR's can only be fired during PFPH and DFPH (Even the first one) so no chance you could be moving with an IR on map.
  20. rshurtz

    ASL Plans for 2018

    I finished 102 in 2017. Definately aiming for 100+ in 2018.