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    Critical Hit annual 6 product pictures

    Okay, thanks! Figured it was listed in CH 6 somewhere.
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    Critical Hit annual 6 product pictures

    Who is the designer for the Viet Nam stuff?
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    Update from HoB on Kreta

    Eye Candy from Kreta Hi Guys, Please understand that these are just amateur photos of the counters that Andy took, but thought you might like to see some. Here are unarmed German Paratroopers and aircraft counters. Steve is hoping to start shipping next week. Jeff
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    New CG "Kreta" from Heat of Battle

    Kreta - Operation Merkur Hi Guys, Alright, here it is. Will be for order later this week and shipping end of month. Kreta Huge 56"x40" Map 120 Counters CG 7 Historical Map Scenarios 10 Geomorphic Scenarios This one has been in the works for years and its designer has...