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  1. Major Issues

    What are some useful questions to ask yourself at the end of a player turn?

    My last game, I lost two - TWO Panthers (and the game) to Critical Hit Intensive Fire shots. My previous game, my opponents got five critical hits on my tanks, and an improbable hit/ kill on a truck towing a 50L AT gun. So the question I asked myself after each of these events wuz...
  2. Major Issues

    AAR - He Who Hesitates - Z17

    I lost my Magic Eight Ball. I’m not sure how I feel about that. Frank, a gamer friend of Walt’s, was interested in trying ASL. Never one to shirk from a challenge, Walt decided that the perfect introductory ASL scenario was He Who Hesitates, an almost all armor desert scenario. Talk about...
  3. Major Issues

    AAR - Konev Cross - AP119

    Did the grunge rock movement predict the Corona virus??? “I feel stupid And contagious…” Smells Like Teen Spirit, Nirvana The Boy got suspended from school. In the past, this would have been an Issue, involving being sent home for a week. ‘Course, now with Covid, things have changed. With...
  4. Major Issues

    AAR - The Bend - AP173

    I have come up with a new parenting technique to deal with the kids fighting. I just hand each of them a taser, and let them sort it out. I have used this same technique with squabbling kids I don't even know at WalMart. What can I say? I'm a results-oriented person... Gunny and I played The...
  5. Major Issues

    WO 12 Heart of Wilderness Value Pack - Two AARs For the Price of One!

    I had played this against Walt, as the Germans. My plan was to put everybody upfront and delay, delay, delay, while conceding the village, which wuz defended by dummies. There is a joke there somewhere... Let the Soviets steal the chickens amd bales of hay from the villagers. Guns, trenches...
  6. Major Issues

    AAR - Dying For Danzig - BoF21

    It was a nice day, so I took the boys fishing: Walt and I played Frying For Danzig. City fight, with less than stellar German defenders vs. 628s, 527s, ISU-122s, OT-34s, and two FTs. So there is the potential for 4 FT shots per player turn. The Germans do get an 88LL AT, two okay leaders, and...
  7. Major Issues

    AAR - Into Vienna Woods - AP52

    Oh, if only Biden's appointees were so hot-looking... Walt called it before the Berserker's Mad Charge. If they ended up in Melee, it would still be under German control. If they killed everyone in the hex, they would no longer be Berserk, and it would be under Russian control, assuming that...
  8. Major Issues

    AAR - Into Vienna Woods - AP52

    Uber is considering expanding UberEats to the marijuana delivery business. This may be an opportunity for you to cash in and make $$$ off of the pleasantly toasted. Or maybe not. You might end up delivering to Tommy Chong – “Aw, dude, I swear my money was right here a minute ago…” On the other...
  9. Major Issues

    AAR - The Sooner The Better - J91

    We both missed that. I thought the overscore was just to draw attention to the unlimited Smoke. How very, very British. "We've trained you for four years at Sandhurst. Now we are going to send you out into the desert in a tank that can't kill anything. Oh, and we painted a bullseye on each...
  10. Major Issues

    AAR - The Sooner The Better - J91

    No, no I did not... Actually, it is Walt's cat, not mine. The Cat Desert Camo is not original - he spray-painted the cat just for this scenario. It's that kind of attention to detail that separates the Winners from the Losers... Or the Nut Jobs from the Normals... I believe the pattern came...
  11. Major Issues

    AAR - The Sooner The Better - J91

    Foster's helps. Lots and lots and lots of Foster's.
  12. Major Issues

    AAR - The Sooner The Better - J91

    Look at a globe. They're in the Southern Hemisphere. They're used to being upside down...
  13. Major Issues

    AAR - The Sooner The Better - J91

    If you have ever had cats, you know that they frequently try to climb the walls, especially after a sudden loud noise... ...which, may be one that only they, with their higher frequency range and finely attuned senses, can hear... ...or mebbe they're just nuts...
  14. Major Issues

    AAR - The Sooner The Better - J91

    My wife cashed in part of her IRA. She found out what they meant when they said “Severe penalties for early withdrawal.” Walt wanted to go into the desert on a horse with no name, and picked The Sooner The Better. He wanted to be Australian – but, then, who doesn’t??? Aussies need 40 more...
  15. Major Issues

    AAR - The Good Shepherd - HS30

    To help keep the children safe from Covid, we sent them to a boarding school on a remote mountaintop in Montenegro. Sure, they complain now, but in 40 years or so, they will look back on the experience as being the Best Days Of Their Lives. Or not. I’ll be dead by then, so I won’t care. Walt...
  16. Major Issues

    AAR - Your Turn Now - J92

    Walt and I played Your Turn Now, where he commanded the less than heroic military police defending Cebu City in the Philippines. They are 336s, as apparently their main duties consist of breaking up cockfights and intervening in disputes between prostitutes and their clients regarding what a...
  17. Major Issues

    AAR - Capital Punishment - BoF22

    I have been playing, I just haven’t had time to write AARs, for those of you who thought I wuz missing. My friends know that if they cannot find me, they should check the hospitals and bars. Not necessarily in that order… I told Walt I was interested in Capital Punishment. After some...
  18. Major Issues

    AAR - Legion Of Doom - YASL 16

    Gunny Thompson and I were finally able to get together to play a couple games. Scheduling conflicts have prevented us from meeting. Specifically, my unique talents and skill at making license plates were requested by the Nevada Board of Corrections, for an extended term of service. I told him...
  19. Major Issues

    J91 'The Sooner the Better' Errata?

    The Turn Record chart shows the Germans coming in on Turn 2. So the Turn Record chart is incorrect?
  20. Major Issues

    What Makes A Good AAR?

    I do like to write AARs, tho I am horribly behind, due to a combination of lack of time and frequent incarceration... A man is having trouble with his mule. He takes it to a man who is supposed to be an expert on training mules. He says, "When I say 'Gee', he doesn't Gee, and when I say 'Haw'...