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    Kakazu Ridge HASL Map and Suicide Creek HASL Map now on Wargame Vault

    Scott, great to hear that the Primosole Bridge map is on the to-do list! Are you also likely to create Wargame Vault resources for Hell's Corner and Singling from Operations Special Issues as well?
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    Residual Fire and Non MGs.

    Tim, you might find this useful also
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    HASL and TPP Counter Storage

    How about Oregon Clipped, carefully 'baggied' to sit flat, put into 9-pocket card pages with MAVN notes and photographs, then stored in folders by nationality? Does this win any OCD competition?
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    Which core Module do you want Reprinted by MMP?

    Re AoO reprint (which is top of my list as a recent player), Perry Cocke yesterday replied to "They could be put in a reprint of AoO, whenever that happens." with the following response: "Work is under way. Don't start holding your breath just yet. though." See...
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    VASL PBEM opponent wanted

    All sorted - thanks!
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    VASL PBEM opponent wanted

    Have had nearly a year off ASL with a new baby in the house. Keen to get back into some action before I start getting too rusty... Looking for a friendly social game, with conversation. Happy to play PTO, ETO, or HASL. About the only criteria is relatively small scenarios, as my...