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  1. atomic

    AP57 Kleckerweise - interpretations of SSR

    In today's playing of AP57 Kleckerweise we ran into an interpretation issue of SSR 3 for which I would like to hear your opinions on. The completion of the last sentence of SSR 3 is irrelevant for this question. It is clear that the Germans have to create his three reinforcement groups prior...
  2. atomic

    Defensive Fire as a passenger

    I was playing Hitdorf on the Rhine as the Germans recently when an evil 10-2 and 747 moved towards halftrack with a passenger 467w/lmg squad. Of course, the halftrack and its passengers fired at them but the 10-2 and 747 survived the 20(+1) attack. Since the Americans had moved into woods and...
  3. atomic

    Le Franc Tireur 14 : now available for order

    I was looking through the scenarios of LFT14 and noticed a peculiar thing I so far haven't seen. For several of the AFVs the MP is in blue. Quite stomped. I thought perhaps that was a scanning artifact so I had to bring out the physical copy to check and sure, for several AFVs the MP is in blue...
  4. atomic

    Platoon Movement and (failed) VBM

    I would tend to agree with you as that would seem a natural way of doing it. However, it's not uncommon that ASL goes the unnatural way. Here, D14.31 says: "... Units using Impulse Movement do not need to predesignate their actions, as in normal stacked movement (A4.2). ..." I don't know what...
  5. atomic

    Platoon Movement and (failed) VBM

    Hi! Question regarding platoon movement and bypass: in an impulse, the lead tank in a platoon attempts a VBM move and the tank following it enters the hex that the lead tank previously was in. It now turns out that the clearance was not enough for a VBM so the lead tank never enters the VBM...
  6. atomic

    Ersatz VASLeague 2022

    Jim Waterhouse, I think my mail is getting caught in your spam filter.... /Asad
  7. atomic

    Squad+MG defensive fire question

    Thanks for all the replies. I realize that we played it partially wrong. Good to have gotten it straightened out. Also, Larry comment makes sense for the leader not getting marked. But, if assume we have a German leader that is marked with a First Fire counter, can the leader fire a PF? That...
  8. atomic

    Squad+MG defensive fire question

    Picking up on an old thread here after a recently played game. So, assuming the situation that Arnaud describes but adding a leader to the stack. The leader has fired with the squad in DFF. Are the following statements true? If the MG fires and rolls doubles (cowers) then the squad and leader...
  9. atomic

    Ersatz VASLeague 2021

    Many thanks for hosting the show. Looking forward to Ersatz 2022! Regarding the results, what is the fourth column? /asad
  10. atomic

    Chuck Norris ASL jokes

    Chuck Norris creates a Hero on boxcars.
  11. atomic

    Would you rather be lucky or good?

    That's why I always carry my 4 lb club hammer; when the dice fuck me over, I fuck them.
  12. atomic

    OP tank scenario

    J62 Lee's Charge
  13. atomic

    A25 Cold Crocodiles Map

    Another question regarding the map and SSR. So, does the bridge in 24F6 (over the gully) exist? /asad
  14. atomic

    2021 Canadian ASL Open

    Would you mind elaborating on that? I've never played that scenario but suggested it for the first round of CyberVASL XV. We chose J113 Maczek Fire Brigade instead but I'm eager to hear of your experience. /asad
  15. atomic

    ASL Bell Tolls

    Oh, so sorry to hear about this. Doug (and his wife) sent me a full "CARE"-package of home-made cookies and other really nice stuff when I was on tour with the UN in Bosnia 1994-1995. So unexpected and so kind, it was a real gift to get any kind of mail under those conditions. I had to dig out...
  16. atomic

    Electronic ASL Rulebook Now on Sale!!

    Just downloaded the 1.05 version. However, within the eASLRB it says version 1.06. The 1.05 version with inherited zoom says its version 1.03. /asad
  17. atomic

    What's the DRM?

    Yes, I understand that. I was in this case referring to a hypothetical LOS e.g. M6 to J6, assuming it clears the woods of course. /asad
  18. atomic

    What's the DRM?

    Ok. Got it. A hypothetical LOS going through the L6 brush would get the +1 for brush I take it. /asad
  19. atomic

    What's the DRM?

    Is fire from K6 to L6 is affected by +1 drm or +2 drm? We're playing it as +2, just want to confirm. Thanks! /asad
  20. atomic

    Fire Lane. Has there been a change?

    So this is no firelane?