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    2nd Edition rules

    For chapter H "DIY rules", does it include vehicle information?
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    VotG and RB SASL

    Do you mean new (2020/2021) RB SASL rules? Or are you referring to older rules (Journal 1)?
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    updating VASL

    mmm, Wish i could delete this thread now, i think i have fixed it thank.
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    updating VASL

    I've downloaded VASL661 too but double clicking on it does nothing
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    updating VASL

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    updating VASL

    Really sorry guys, in the past i've managed to update VASL but i'm having real trouble this time. VASL 661 says to upgrade to VASSAL3.4.6. I've deleted my old VASL from my mac, downloaded VASSAL3.4.6 and installed it. When i open the program it says 3.4.6 in the title of the program, but...
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    T 34 Movie (2019)

    i found it very ASL motivational. The tank, the infantry, the guns, the tactics. I'll admit, perhaps one (maybe two) bits of the story line were questionable and maybe difficult to believe. But in the end i found this a great WWII movie. The action was different from "western" type movies...
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    T 34 Movie (2019)

    this movie was on SBS the other week. Awesome movie, despite sub titles. The tank action and battle scenes were epic. (from wiki) T-34 (Russian: Т-34) is a 2019 Russian war film directed by Aleksey Sidorov. The title references the T-34, a World War II-era Soviet medium tank used during the...
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    SASL only players?

    What i like about SASL no pressure to do 2, 3 or 4 logs per week. I play when i want, and can stop mid turn i actually really like the SASL system I like running "my guys" through multiple scenarios. i feel like each game is a "band of brothers" like chapter i like tweeting something against...
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    ATR on table C7.7

    My ATR has just fired and hit the hull of a half track. My to kill die roll is 1 > the kill number. C7.7 says if HE then this results in immobilisation. An ATR doesn't feel like a HE weapon. in fact it uses the AP to kill table. So am i right in thinking the HE 1 > TK# doesn't apply here...
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    Today in ASL I ... (Day to day ASL doings)

    I remember years ago (decades?) i read an article in View from the Trenches about the "half track blitz", in a Red Barricades write up. It was a plan to run half tracks down the eastern side of the board, I've gone through all the back editions of VftT's but been unable to find it. Anyway...
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    Today in ASL I ... (Day to day ASL doings)

    Mmm maybe i'll just get the big 2nd edition. I thought (hoped) if the pocket book had everything in it, or was a pretty good summary, i'd know enough already to get by using a cliff notes version pocketbook that was also smaller in size. My own chapter dividers are in pretty good shape, but...
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    Today in ASL I ... (Day to day ASL doings)

    I have an original, original ASL rulebook (1985 baby!). But, she's banged up. She's good, very usable, but banged up and i'm looking to retire her. How good is the ASL Pocketbook edition? I like the idea of "smaller" pages. But the paper is "lighter" and it doesn't have all the tables (to...
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    Vehicle main armament fire

    so if my tank is stationary all game, it suffers case C+B in its own movement phase, but can fire in its defensive fire phase with no mods (i.e. my tank is more accurate in its own defensive fire phase than its movement? Thats how i read the rules, and you've confirmed it - feels odd though.
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    Vehicle main armament fire

    So my Tank is parked up (stationary) at the start of its Movement phase. 1. If i choose to fire my main gun before moving, do i still pay Case C bounding fire penalties (+2 case B, +2 Turreted)? 2. If my Tank remains stationary for all of its movement phase and doesn't fire, it incurs a +2...
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    Multiple CCRF vs bypassing enemy AFV

    if a MMC enters CC with a vehicle, street fighting, does the MMC remain in the street hex after the AFV leaves, or does the MMC return to its "house" hex?
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    (A10) Board Victory locations

    ASLS rules refer to table {a10} for victory hexs on a board. I've scoured the A3 size card board that has most of the tables on it, but cannot find table {a10} anywhere. Does anyone know if table a10 is on the card stock or .... somewhere else?
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    Delux ASL

    I always thought DASL would be well received, bigger hexes making the game easier. But reading some threads here it sounds like DASL was frowned upon. Whats the story? And which do you prefer? Is it because larger hexes meant there was less fighting/manouvre room? Or were DASL maps...
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    War In Peace ASL Post WWII

    On the Vftt sites there is a document called War In Peace, by Peter Phillips. It details infantry for ASL in a post WWII world. Anyone else read it? Anyone know if he ever got around to doing Vehicles for it? Does Pete visit these forums?