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    More thoughts on the Scenario Designers Guide

    I doubt that I'll ever get around to designing scenarios, but thought I'd buy the ASL Scenario Designers Guide to help me understand a bit more about scenario development. Although a lot of this information is common sense, it's nice to see it presented in a single book. Furthermore, I would...
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    New members introduce yourself here

    Sure looks like it to me. In the past year, they've released or republished and possibly more: - ASLSK#2 - ASLRB - BVv3 - AoO Sounds like commitment to me. . .
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    Non-historical scenarios

    "Many players (Curt Schilling among them, I think) are insistant that scenarios represent specific actions." I'll give the purists a pass thanks.
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    Big MMP Announcement from Brian

    I don't recall seeing Perry mentioned in any of this, but I haven't been following MMP goings on all that closely.
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    Big MMP Announcement from Brian

    I doubt there was any single 'cork'. Sounded more like LOTS of work to do across several projects, and too few people doing it.
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    Computer ASL

    I guess if they fuck it up, I won't buy it. Otherwise, it's a done deal. I don't see a loss on my part either way.
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    MMP Sale

    Well, that put me over my monthly gaming budget.
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    A personal note from the staff

    In my opinion, that would be: - AoO, ASLRBv2, BVv2 and J6 seem to be the most important ASL related projects. If so, prioritize them, and get them done. - Provide believable delivery dates for 1 if not 2 products. Things I'd ask myself are: - Have I developed a work plan? - Have I...
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    AOO & ASLRB Update

    A month? More likely, it would be many months delay. I (thought I) recalled hearing last year that the ASLRBv2 reprint was imminent as there weren't going to be any changes to it. That's kind of funny in retrospect.
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    ASL Counters

    By considering new counters, etc, MMP could be just defocusing their efforts. They've already made many ASL commitments with: - AoO - BVv2 - ASLRBv2 - VOTG - J6 - God only knows what else I'd recommend they review their critical paths and priorities as a team, and start focusing on...
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    MMP on Production of ASL stuff

    If folks at MMP is spread a bit too thin, then it's probably time to take stock of the situation, and determine the priorities. Gene Kranz: Let's work the problem people. Let's not make things worse by guessing.
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    What do you think about ebay?

    If it weren't for EBay, I wouldn't have BVv2, or many other core modules. Sad, but true.
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    Non-ASL Games Sale on over at MMP

    I'm glad I ordered a bunch of ASL titles in last year's sale, as there don't appear to be any this year.
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    Which ASL modules do you own?

    The scaling on these graphs sucks big time.
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    How did you aquire your ASL collection

    In early 2003, after getting kind of tired of online cheaters and lamers, I thought I'd try a different approach to gaming. A board game!! I did some research, which ended up at: - Squad Leader - Axis and Allies - Warhammer 1) Squad Leader was out of print. There was a later edition...
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    Which ASL modules do you own?

    I'm surprised that the Doomed Battalions percentage is higher than either the V1 or V2 rulebooks. Also somewhat surprised at how low FKAC is. As for me, I've got all but V1 of the rulebook. Gave it away to a newer newbie than me.
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    Why is ASL the best game ?

    I'm a dabbler in ASL, and I enjoy various types of 'wargames' of different formats such as: - Board games - Computer games - Turn based games - Real Time Strategy - First person shooters A few of the titles I've enjoyed over the years: - Return to Castle Wolfenstein and Wolf:ET -...
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    Which Product Would You Prefer Released First?

    I think that MMP is squandering the good will created with the ASLSK by not having the ASLRB and BV available. Sure Paratrooper will do in a jam, but it's a dead end module that doesn't even have all the maps required to play the included scenarios. In essence, the existing players want AoO...
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    Which Product Would You Prefer Released First?

    Here, here to all the points made about the delays in the ASLRB. Not in my wildest imagination would I have thought that a reprint of an existing set of rules (change of printers and all) would have taken so long. Thank god I spent the time to find an existing ASLRBv2 instead of waiting...
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    Which Product Would You Prefer Released First?

    ASLRB Personally, I'd prefer AoO, as I've got the other core modules. For new players, however, getting into ASL without the rulebook in print is a major exercise in frustration. Been there, done that a year and a half ago. Wouldn't wish it on anyone, especially those slavering ASLSK #1'ers...