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  1. Marty Ward

    Germans can't say 'squirrel'

  2. Marty Ward

    World Series 2015

    People forget that was game 6 so the Sox had another chance to win it and didn't. It's hard to blame it all on Buckner or on the loss of one game in a best of seven series.
  3. Marty Ward

    World Series 2015

    No the Mets were the best team because they won 4 head to head games in the Series. To paraphrase what Danny Murtaugh said to a reporter who asked about the huge difference in runs scored by the Yanks over his Pirates in the 1960 world series "I thought the goal was to see who wins more games...
  4. Marty Ward

    World Series 2015

    The best team almost always win a best of 7 series. And the two best win a best of 5 and a best of 7 to play for the title. Any one game is close to a coin toss but over time the better team wins. In baseball pitching and defense seem to beat offense if history is the judge. I'm not sure why...
  5. Marty Ward

    World Series 2015

    The Orioles have special pricing on Tuesdays, all Upper Reserved seats are $10. I try to go to a few each year. Costs more to park than for the ticket!.
  6. Marty Ward

    World Series 2015

    Maybe but MLB has 10 times the number of games so they don't need to have a huge share every day.
  7. Marty Ward

    World Series 2015

    Is that fan related to Jeffrey Maier? :)
  8. Marty Ward

    Greatest World Series Game in History

    Don Larsens game wasn't bad either.
  9. Marty Ward

    Conquering the NFL since 2000

    True but the century is only 15% gone. I'm sure your answer is Boston. Name the only city to win a World Series, Super Bowl, NFL championship, WFL championship, NBA championship, CFL championship and MLS soccer championship.
  10. Marty Ward

    Conquering the NFL since 2000

    And in the previous 29 years, average wins 7. Football didn't start in 2000.
  11. Marty Ward

    Why your team sucks!

    Love the comments. If your team isn't there yet don't worry. They will be at some point! Warning for language, guess I should have included that originally.
  12. Marty Ward

    Looks Like Brady's Suspension To Be Upheld

    Why?Do you like cheaters or something?
  13. Marty Ward

    Super Bowl XLIX

    It was not the play that anyone would call knowing the result. That is all there is to it. Had the pass been complete Carroll would be being called a genius. Had it been incomplete they would have praised his 'guts' for making that call. It was intercepted. It happens all throughout the season.
  14. Marty Ward

    Deflate gate: NFL investigates Patriots for tampering with game balls

    They checked all the balls before the game so no they weren't over inflated, they were all within spec. It obviously didn't affect the outcome of the game but I wish the Pats would stop acting like politicians and just accept responsibility that SOMETHING happened to the game balls while they...
  15. Marty Ward

    Deflate gate: NFL investigates Patriots for tampering with game balls

    You mean it was just a random chance that 11 out of their 12 balls lost air pressure and none of the Colts balls did? Or did someone from the Colts sneak onto the Pats bench, grab their closely watched game balls without being seen, bleed out some air, put them back and then sneak off without...
  16. Marty Ward

    Football is dying...again

    So 50% of Americans wouldn't let their kid play football. Big deal. 90% of them would have given the same answer 25 years ago. It's not like every American parent ever wanted their kid to play football. As long as you can make millions and be famous there will be people who want to play it.
  17. Marty Ward

    2014 MLB postseason picks

    I'm an O's fan and I like our guys but the Angels are anything but anemic. They went 15-11 in September with 6 of the losses coming after they clinched and they were resting guys. King Albert and Hamilton may not be in their prime but the top 5 of their order is as dangerous as any team in the...
  18. Marty Ward

    Best first 15 minutes Movie

    Every one of the Indiana Jones movies have pretty good opening sequences.