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    2023 ASL Production Schedule

    The new Journal is going to come out in the 1st Quarter (Jan-Mar)? So the next two months?
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    ecz 12 A Tragic Victory

    Never play a scenario against the guy that designed it! Where did you put your three roadblocks?
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    Does fire on the 1 FP table with a +1 TEM by a unit that could cower cause the target to become DM?

    You don't need to check for 2 or 3's assuming the attack only cowers one column to the left. Easiest way to remember whether an attack causes DM/Encirclement on the IFT is start any attack on the 1 FP <=+1 DRM and then add +1 DRM for each IFT column to the right. (EX 1 FP <=+1 DRM, 2 FP <=+2...
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    Orsogna Project

    Are you using the hillock rules in this like Prokhorovka?
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    Who wants a Stalingrad watch?

    You don't have a lawn, you live in a swamp. One of the "Wrong Turn" sequels was going to be shot at your place.
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    ASL Journal 13 now available

    The Harms shame cycle has been disabled. Do intend to give this a whirl.
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    So what scenarios have you played Recently?

    I played this 3 months ago and won the fastest victory I ever have in my lifetime playing with two DR's. Rally Phase: EC DR = 9 Prep Fire Phase: 30 FP w/9-2 attack on ATG: DR = 4 (2KIA) Random SW/Gun Destruction dr = 1 Gun Eliminated.
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    Down by the River [J202]

    The Russians set up entrenched at start. You didn't use them?
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    Down by the River [J202]

    No foxholes for the Russians?
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    Non-historical scenarios

    Speaking of Non-Historical Scenarios, ecz's tournament pack contains a fictional invasion of Malta scenario.
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    Orchard-Brush terrain

    You can SSR anything, you can make any terrain a 1/2 level height obstacle. I was talking about printed walls/hedges depictions in hex and in multi-terrain hexes.
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    Orchard-Brush terrain

    Yep, not just that, all applications of half-level LOS obstacles can be used (RR's, hilllocks, etc). You could also make bypass for the walls and hedges in the hex.
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    Orchard-Brush terrain

    What I want to see are walls and hedges that aren't confined as hexside terrain.
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    Residual FP vs partially armored vehicle

    Was this submitted? Did we get a response to this?
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    KGP HASL's re-printed?

    Absolutely, Wacht am Rhein helped the Allied cause overall, stepping out from defensive positions and going on offense bleeds the defense line. Even if the Germans take Antwerp, they have to hold it, and then it becomes like German garrisons trapped in Brest in France. If they break out and try...
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    Do you talk to your dice and do they listen?

    Paging Bendis.....................Paging Bendis........... Tell them the story at the OPEN when you predicted the Boxcars.
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    The Blue Checkmark For Scenario Design

    Ring...............Ring...................Ring.................Ring................... "We're sorry, the number for Critical Hit is no longer in service, no further information is available"
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    FT323 The Empire Strikes Back

    Good catch buser, Japs with 3 smoke makers is significant. Glad I didn't do the original version
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    Play by Skype

    Never did it this way but my guess would be that you would tell your opponent how many counters were under the concealment counter and then reveal them when they are stripped of concealment. You would have to write the concealed contents down like info on a HIP Sheet. That cloaking box would be...
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    #78 Acts of Defiance

    This would be a great mini-variant at ASLOK, similar to the Gor-Gor Variants Rules mini.