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  1. fenyan

    Le Franc Tireur 15

    That would be great, let me know next time you're going to be at the Guild House or Pasadena, I usually make it to those.
  2. fenyan

    Le Franc Tireur 15

    This hobby is cheap compared to a truly expensive hobby like trying to build a tournament deck for Magic. Anyhow I like the desert so this is an easy buy, but will have to wait for my budget to open up a little bit.
  3. fenyan

    ChatGPT's Opinion on the IFT/IIFT Debate

    Here's another one I asked: What were Michael Caine's experiences in the Korean War? In reality he served with the Royal Fusiliers.
  4. fenyan

    Contested Lands (1948 Arab Israeli) module

    I believe Jackson is?
  5. fenyan

    ChatGPT's Opinion on the IFT/IIFT Debate

    My query: in Advanced Squad Leader, what does IIFT stand for?
  6. fenyan

    Artificial Intelligence View of ASL

    Ok you sucked me in: "If you were playing Advanced Squad Leader and failed your personal morale check, what would your opponent do?" Answer: In Advanced Squad Leader, if a player fails their personal morale check, their opponent would take control of their troops and continue the game. The...
  7. fenyan

    Broken Ground Design Thread

    Is the ADGZ armored car in the Covered pack scenario BG9 Testing Minenknackers in your expanded German counterset?
  8. fenyan

    So what scenarios have you played Recently?

    J206 Collect Call -- I agree with Chris, it's an interesting puzzle! On the last turn I asked my opponent if he wouldn't mind taking a break as I had to think through how to engage the Partisans on the last turn. This scenario has Partisans (including 6-2-8s and 5-2-7s SSR'd as Partisan)...
  9. fenyan

    Human wave counters in which module?

    I thought the Russians couldn't Human Wave in The Guards Counterattack because they were "guards" :)
  10. fenyan

    Human wave counters in which module?

    Yes Steve E7 this from Doomed Battalions 3
  11. fenyan

    2023 West Coast Melee

    It'll be great to see you there! It will be lots of fun!
  12. fenyan

    2023 West Coast Melee

    Hi David, You can get in a pickup game Thursday evening if you are so inclined. You can enter a mini tournament which will have three rounds on Friday. You can also play pickup games Friday as well if you're not in a mini tournament (or get knocked out of one). If you don't qualify for the...
  13. fenyan

    Any word on shipping for DZ St. Mere-Eglise

    Those cows have Cartman eyes...
  14. fenyan

    Any word on shipping for DZ St. Mere-Eglise

    Per Facebook: "There will be a delay in shipping for ASL Drop Zone: Ste Mère Église. The printer was able to deliver enough components to build the copies we needed for Winter Offensive. They're working on the components for the remainder of the games, and those should arrive next week. Building...
  15. fenyan

    Dummy Ski Counters

    Sounds right to me. Didn't you just play a scenario against an expert skier this past weekend? :)
  16. fenyan

    ASL Overlay Bundle is now up for preorder!

    It definitely was less impactful to spread out the overlay cutting whenever you acquired a module that had them.
  17. fenyan

    Winter Offensive 2023 Micro-Armor Collection Raffle

    That is some beautiful stuff!
  18. fenyan

    2023 West Coast Melee

    It will be great to see you there John!
  19. fenyan

    2023 West Coast Melee

    The registration flyer is on the tournament page (linked from the announcement banner). From this link, scroll towards the bottom for the pdf:
  20. fenyan

    ASL Journal 13 now available

    Did you cash out your Unlimited dual lands and Moxes? :) I played competitively for a couple years, even won a small Vintage event, but shifted to ASL because I'd always wanted to learn to play competently.