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  1. Vinnie

    Split level buildings and advances

    Number 73 in the I really should know this.. Can a yunit on the ground floor of U9 advance to the ground floor of V9 (basically going out the biilding and in again.)
  2. Vinnie

    Recovering SW from broken unit

    Given this foes not incur a MF expenditure, I assume no residual attack would occur.
  3. Vinnie

    Change of CA for non firing units

    If you're in a stone building, this is especially true.
  4. Vinnie

    Change of CA for non firing units

    A: To anmy position in the hex. B: Yes. Additionally, the vehicle could change it's VCA instead. C: Yes.
  5. Vinnie

    Field promotion funkiness

    I have a squad and leader in CC with an enemy AFV and halfsquad. The combat is sequential. My attack on the AFV is a 2 destroying it and creating a leader. As per A18.12 I must use this leader in the CCV. As per A11.51 only one SMC may combine with an MMC in CC. What is the status of the...
  6. Vinnie

    Fire from pillbox at unit entering its hex

    Point blank fire with the twm of the hex being entered. Woods in this case. The smoke is in the hex being ecited so has no effect.
  7. Vinnie

    Orchard-Brush terrain

    I did start an attempt to get an updated index together but that project got shelved in favour of other work. Seems I need to get innit again.
  8. Vinnie

    Orchard-Brush terrain

    I do not like these. The combination of inherent and standard imagery jars. I have no doub they are reasonable though.
  9. Vinnie

    FUNdamentals of ASL

    If I've ski troops, I try to see just how far I can get in one movement phase, even if it's a bad idea!
  10. Vinnie

    I have never tried…

    The turret sleaze. Need to turn 3 hexside to fire? Turn 2 and fire your MCG at a target then turn 1 and fire the MA at a new target. Both targets must be known but this way you only pay for the last turn of 1 not a turn of 3 hexside.
  11. Vinnie

    I have never tried…

    Seaborne assults I find rather dull. In order to balance the scenario they tend to be a bit one sided to account for casulaties on the run in. Additionally, the first few turns are the defender rolling dice on the off chance they will cause casualties to the attacker who sits there and takes it...
  12. Vinnie

    I have never tried…

    You haven't lived!
  13. Vinnie

    I have never tried…

    I've never jumped from a cliff or building into a river. (E6.1)
  14. Vinnie

    Amphibian Recall

    No it does not apply but you need to move this to the rules folder unless there is a Perry Sez to be posted.
  15. Vinnie

    Stuck in Aberdeen

    So is Aberdeen but we make the drive regardless.
  16. Vinnie

    Stuck in Aberdeen

    Okay, I'm stuck in Aberdeen rather than being in Blackpool for the magnificemnt Bounding First Fire tournament (damn Covid) but there asre no reports so far! Where are the pictures, the reports, the drunken shenaingans?
  17. Vinnie

    Ersatz VASLeague 2022

    Thank you for running this again. It takes a fair bit of organisation and effort.
  18. Vinnie


    Agreed. I think its a formating error and there should be only 3 questions with the positive answer applying to the crew (the first question 1) and not to passengers (the second question 1).
  19. Vinnie


    I think 1 refers to the crew having the SW. Needs to be corrected.