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  1. Stewart

    Paratroopers at night

    If the Paratroopers are all there are NO.
  2. Stewart

    Hedge/Wall on EmRR/Hillock Hexside LOS

    B9.2 LOS: Wall and hedge hexsides are Half-Level obstacles to same-level LOS (A6.21) unless the wall/hedge hexside is part of the viewing/target hex. (elevation not considered) Therefore, the w/h is not considered an obstacle to LOS whatsoever. The F rule is considering only walls that are...
  3. Stewart

    Low crawl rout question

    He's not getting to his leader this Rout Phase.
  4. Stewart

    HOB Special Forces II

    What an abomination having a perfect replica of the counter (probably better). Work harder next time.
  5. Stewart

    SSR question

    If you have no other info. Play a different scenario.
  6. Stewart

    Low crawl rout question

    ?? This is a different picture. FF7 closest. Go there only choice...Any enemy that can interdict it?
  7. Stewart

    Low crawl rout question

    That location isn't Ignorable with the above information. Shortest in MF FF10 route isn't a valid route and is disregarded. The path is 4MF from this picture. FF1 is 2 hexes away from the ADJ enemy units.
  8. Stewart

    Lone Canuck SS Campaign LSSAH#1-48

    Is this from the LCP series?
  9. Stewart

    A8.2 (RFP) and IFT Attacks vs armored units with no vulnerable PRC.

    Yet it has effect vs PRC? when the Tank was the target? Maybe one of those...doesn't happen that often concepts
  10. Stewart


    But you KNOW the issue is because the LOS thread changes color? If you know the LOS the Thread is just a line
  11. Stewart

    Hedge/Wall on EmRR/Hillock Hexside LOS

    Different base levels is the criteria... are the base levels different?
  12. Stewart

    A8.2 (RFP) and IFT Attacks vs armored units with no vulnerable PRC.

    How the hell is that even interpreted from the rules?? With no kill vs the vehicle the MOL attack FP is still added to the SCA.
  13. Stewart

    B20.41 and B33. Dry Stream treated as gully

    The Scenario is smart enough to identify the Dry Stream enacting B33.11 instead of just making it a Gully. Smart wording.
  14. Stewart

    Who does the best counters?

    No listing for BG???
  15. Stewart

    Hedge/Wall on EmRR/Hillock Hexside LOS

    Doesn't this refer to the terrain IN the RR hex? It looks to me that the hedge is a HillsideHedge by definition. A Hillside wall/hedge is one which lies along a hexside that is common to two adjacent hexes with different Base Levels, with none of the lower Base-Level’s terrain appearing...
  16. Stewart

    Does the wall block LOS?

    That's an example for comparison... its is alluded to that this is the same TYPE of LOS blockage... The hexside in question ISN'T part of the hex being attacked whereas in the OP question it is. That should clarify the concept.
  17. Stewart

    Does the wall block LOS?

    Vasl color coding shouldn't be ANY source of rules correctness. Aren't the colors of the Hedge/wall Extensions of the Hexside?
  18. Stewart

    PK2 Reckless Raid error (?)

    I was setting this one up as well... Hmmmm..
  19. Stewart

    VASLeague 2023

    Who's arguing? Most people that hate discord don't even know what it is.
  20. Stewart

    VASLeague 2023

    ROFL. Why would I feel like a man? Simply stating something that is more efficient. If you don't like efficiency, then you have to deal with the issues with that. When you have ALL communications in one location, I think you would have to agree it's more efficient.