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  1. Michael R

    Ian Diaglish reference

    I finished reading "THE GUNS AT LAST LIGHT" by Rick Atkinson today. While later randomly browsing the bibliography, it pleased me to see an entry for Daiglish, Ian: Operation Goodwood.
  2. Michael R

    Red and Black Chits from BV

    I always use chits. I used blank counters that I had to make a bunch of red and black.
  3. Michael R

    Rout question

    I saw this posted by JRV at BoardGameGeek. A broken American squad possessing a MMG is on top of wire next to the creek in Suicide Creek. There is an unconcealed unbroken Japanese unit also on top of the wire in the same Location. The only rout option is under the wire (minimum one MF), into...
  4. Michael R

    Close combat math...

    Does that +1 also apply to a vehicle in bypass of an obstacle having an enemy unit?
  5. Michael R

    Overlay X20?

    But it is just orchards.
  6. Michael R

    Close combat math...

    Where does it state that Street Fighting gives an AFV +1 in CC?
  7. Michael R

    Overlay X20?

    Please explain to me why one would need to cut this overlay differently Thanks
  8. Michael R

    Hex / Location / Building Control

  9. Michael R

    ASL Math For Insomniacs

    When is 768?
  10. Michael R

    Snap Shot LOS and VASL LOS Tool

    It might not matter, but C7-D6-E6 are a continuous slope.
  11. Michael R

    What ASL Product Have You Bought Recently?

    I've made the purchases and I am in the process of replacing the counters. Tedious, but worth it.
  12. Michael R

    ASL New Year Resolutions

    I want to post to my AAR blog at least once a month this year. After all, I‘m paying for it.
  13. Michael R


    I've written an illustrated AAR of 24 THE MAD MINUTE. A formidable force of German armour and SS troops attack American paratroopers supported by AT guns and tank destroyers in an attempt to break through to Bastogne.
  14. Michael R

    Banzai!! 27.2 is now available for free download

    The trouble with these great articles is remembering and applying the content. I need to graft them to my brain somehow.
  15. Michael R

    I have never tried…

    Cool! New word to look up.
  16. Michael R

    Control Window "Disappears"

    See also this thread.
  17. Michael R

    Orchard-Brush terrain

    I prefer the B32 railroad rules to the RF railroad rules.
  18. Michael R

    Smoke gets in your eyes (or does it?)

    I have been playing a caves recently. SMOKE in the hex of a non-depression cave counter has no effect on the cave occupants. Not sure about a cave IN a depression.
  19. Michael R

    Counters Window Not Coming Forward

    WAI = working as intended?
  20. Michael R

    So what scenarios have you played Recently?

    From late November, I played Heights of Hubris as the Germans. I set up Germans for some Prep fire on turn one; a waste. Conceded after too many casualties after turn three.