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  1. Eagle4ty

    Split level buildings and advances

    Errrr, yup!:sleep::rolleyes:
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    Split level buildings and advances

    That statement pertains to Rowhouses. In the depiction provided above the Ground level of the building in U9 and the 1st level of V9 are at the the same height and within the same building. Wayne is absolutely correct. As per B23.72, last sentence: "The first level of the higher hex connects...
  3. Eagle4ty

    Low crawl rout question

    My thoughts as well but maybe there's other non-visible units involved that would make it so.
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    Playtesting in the age of play the scenario once and move on.

    For the most part movement to contact is a thing of the past in ASL scenarios. Most scenarios now focus on actions on contact or imminent contact. The reasons are pretty obvious, most players don't want to try and figure out how to maneuver to get their forces into jump-off positions without too...
  5. Eagle4ty

    SF: Rubble or Building hexside question

    Rubble at ground level would not block a LOS from a unit in a hypothetical Level 1 in 2J19 as per the OP, however the building depiction would.
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    Weapons we like to see in ASL

    While in Iraq 2004-2007 (two different tours) we confiscated several PPSh's on raids and on Thursdays we'd take out different weapons to our little range on the FOB and fire them. Lots of fun plus we'd have a BBQ afterwards. Never got to fire StGw-44 but we have one on display in my VFW.
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    A8.2 (RFP) and IFT Attacks vs armored units with no vulnerable PRC.

    I can understand the MOL IFT part of the attack not having any RFP (or reduced-but that's not the case), but the Inherent IFT FP of the attacking unit is the same whether applied as part of a MOL attack or simply directed at the AFV or even if directed at an AFV with Armored Assaulting Infantry...
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    Red and Black Chits from BV

    Eeehh, not so much. There's always the after-game revelry!
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    A8.2 (RFP) and IFT Attacks vs armored units with no vulnerable PRC.

    I understand, but by that very explanation, an IFT attack against a BU AFV with no Infantry (or other vulnerable PRC) in the Location would meet that criterion as well. The target of the IFT is by default the AFV in both case; I just fail to see the difference here. Perhaps I've been playing an...
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    Is there any OB given counter you really don't want?

    There's an old army saying. "An obstacle isn't an OBSTACLE unless it's covered by fire. Otherwise, it's just something that's there to PO everyone." (The old German "60-minute roadblock" they would throw up in Germany once the Allies had crossed the Rhine.)
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    Conscripts and spotting

    It doesn't mean they can't read a map or operate a radio/phone; they just can't lead troops across a busy street-look for a boy/girl scout first.
  12. Eagle4ty

    J202 Down By The River SSR

    I think Klas has it correct (What a surprise there! o_O). as per B20.4 "If undefined by SSR, a stream is considered to be shallow." BTW, I would have gone with your assessment as also flooded; but then again, what do I know! :unsure:🤐
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    A8.2 (RFP) and IFT Attacks vs armored units with no vulnerable PRC.

    Reading the latest "Perry Says" with regards to MOL and incumbent IFT attacks against an AFV this piqued my interest: QUESTION #4: If the answers to Q1 & Q3 are yes - is the IFP of the squad halved as if conducting an attack vs a Concealed unit for RFP purposes? A. If no non-armored unit was...
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    Hedge/Wall on EmRR/Hillock Hexside LOS

    And a unit ON the EmRR has no elevation advantage over the hedges.
  15. Eagle4ty

    J197 Question

    Now THAT's OCD ASL style! o_O:LOL:
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    (BFP) "Crushed At Kommersheidt" CG

    Original was from GI: Anvil of Victory (Squad Leader). It was reissued as an ASL adaptation with the "A GI's Dozen" pack as ASL Scenario U6.
  17. Eagle4ty

    C 1.33 - SR Converted to FFE but Centre Drifts out of LOS

    NOTE: The SR does not drift, even if you have an SR on-board, only the AR for the new placement drifts. In your case the AR is then removed because you have no LOS to the base level of the new AR Location so the original SR remains where it initially started. {EDIT Addition}: Note also, it does...
  18. Eagle4ty

    Illuminating Round availability for OBA

    Per E1.93 if it has IR listed as an availability, it is able to fire IR. If the SSR fails as noted fails to mention that a specific OBA type does not have IR capabilities it is poorly written as COWTRA tells one that IR can be utilized for that OBA type.
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    German SPW 251/2 Halftrack MA - is that treated as a Mortar?

    And even then, it does not apply to 76-82mm Mortars as they do not have their ROF lowered for a CA Change (C2.5). The Russian 82mm is especially troublesome as it may be fired once before or after becoming dm.
  20. Eagle4ty

    Is there any OB given counter you really don't want?

    I'm sorry but "Charlie" has been a PITA for me for many years; regardless of its attitude.