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  1. Scott_Blanton

    MMP Website Problems

    problems at is the correct email address for customer service issues.
  2. Scott_Blanton

    MMP Website Problems

    If you got a temp password from the office and then you were able to login, it may not be a website issue. If you never got the email for the password reset it could be that your ISP/mail provider is not delivering our emails or blocked it as SPAM.
  3. Scott_Blanton

    Overlay X20?

    Could this overlay be used in a future design? If so, cutting closer than specified by the rules may not cover a wall or hedge that the designer wants covered. Correct?
  4. Scott_Blanton

    MMP Website Problems

    Don't call the office, email the details to the problems address and I can take a look at it.
  5. Scott_Blanton

    WO 2023

    Not sure about spare parts. Best thing would be to email the office problems at When they get free, they can try to check and see if we have any parts. They are swamped today getting stuff after WO taken care of.
  6. Scott_Blanton

    MMP Website Problems

    Mike, email problems at about the issue. I am traveling tomorrow, but may be able to check it tomorrow or Tuesday at the latest.
  7. Scott_Blanton

    WO 2023

    Office is closed Monday. Normally individual parts (maps) are not avalibale for sale until we are finished building out games/magazines. We are not finished building out J13 which includes bd77.
  8. Scott_Blanton

    Any word on shipping for DZ St. Mere-Eglise

    I'd say most people that purchased at WO had it on preorder. The plan all along was to release at WO and start shipping after WO, as previously mentioned about many other products. The office is closed tomorrow and we hope to be building it later this week.
  9. Scott_Blanton

    Winter Offensive 2023 Micro-Armor Collection Raffle

    SPECIAL WINTER OFFENSIVE 2023 RAFFLE Hey, are you guys having one? Yes, we are. Usual cool stuff: MMP for a year, Gamers for a year, etc. plus I'm sure copies of the new ASL HASL, bonus packs, maybe a gag gift or two. One FOM (Friend of MMP) even donated a tabletop bingo drum that looks...
  10. Scott_Blanton

    ASL Journal 13 now available

    Vic, you better bag up your marbles. There is another Journal coming soon. Paul, that sounds right. I ended up winning the mini, my first ever. Had a blast with these scenarios, gald they are in print now.
  11. Scott_Blanton

    ASL Journal 13 now available

    Since I've been working on the layout, I can confirm that J14 will be sooner rather than later. Doing some final layout and proofing.
  12. Scott_Blanton

    ASL Overlay Bundle is now up for preorder!

    I've thought about getting one to see how it cuts out the overlays. If I played more FTF ASL then it would drive me to pull the trigger.
  13. Scott_Blanton

    ASL Journal 13 now available

    The pocket scenarios were a ton of fun, I actually won the WO mini that used them. Knife fight in a small phone booth.
  14. Scott_Blanton

    ASL Journal 13 now available

    Retailers determine what price they choose to sell products at.
  15. Scott_Blanton

    Last Call for Hakkaa Paalle

    It is the 1.5" box. Box size is based on contents not core module vs HASL, etc...
  16. Scott_Blanton

    Last Call for Hakkaa Paalle

    Shipping won't start until mid to late next week.
  17. Scott_Blanton

    All Quiet on the MMP/ASL Front

    Trust me, things are moving behind the scenes. J13 and the Aussie Journal (J14) are two different products. Journal 13 is going through the last bit of proofing and edits and I am actively working on layout of J14 this week. Vinnie, you guys better get to making some changes. By my count I show...
  18. Scott_Blanton

    SASL Will Be Reprinted

    No dates or specific plans at this point. Due to how old it is, I think it will have to be completely laid out again. With all the charts and tables, this will take a while.
  19. Scott_Blanton

    ASLOK XXXVI - October 2nd-9th, 2022

    According to my call last night with reservations, the hotel is fully booked. Emailed Bret and he is going to look into this.
  20. Scott_Blanton

    New Resources added

    Why not offer it to MMP?