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  1. jimfer

    EN FORCE - FT193 - Scout Car Question

    I love that vehicle just for the pucker power of the .50 Cal when its unloaded and reassembled. Too many players under rate the M3A1. Good thread.
  2. jimfer

    Do you kindle a bunch?

    Kindling, when you positively, absolutely need to clear that building. Now if I can find some more matches...
  3. jimfer

    Improbable hit AND possible CH: one or two subsequent dr?

    One hit, two hit won't matter to me .. it will be a boxcars on the results.
  4. jimfer

    B24 Rubble and mortar fire

    The best lessons are the painful ones... we tend to remember them and put them in our tactics section. I have more than a few ARRRGH! moments.
  5. jimfer

    B24 Rubble and mortar fire

    81 mm Mtr. on second level rubble ...
  6. jimfer

    Finally a Russian 200mm+ Rocket OBA ON TARGET

    Maybe it wasn't 200mm Rockets...
  7. jimfer

    B13.41 VCA change on a woods-road hex

    Sometime the rules set us up for Saturday mornings...
  8. jimfer

    Favorite SSR or the one you'd like to see:

    I'm waiting for the Chuck Norris effect on hero creating DR of 2 all enemy with line of sight must take +1 MC or break and run away in fear. I like the Tank effects Tuomo is on right path, tread blown off, maybe can only travel in reverse, or if British must stop exit and take tea break. Never...
  9. jimfer

    DB121 Grave Situation

    Great analysis, but I get the feeling this was a new episode of the Walking Dead...I can see a rush on turn one even with illumination just to gamble it all on gaining one hex after turn one is completed.
  10. jimfer

    Favorite SSR or the one you'd like to see:

    Ever think those snakes were wasted on a Tank Crew MC, it is a travesty, an injustice they need a HOB roll! CE AFV heat of battle, roll DR: DR Effect 2 Tank gets Gyro capability - no Gyro just the ability 3-6 Extra movement point 7 Armor LDR on leader...
  11. jimfer

    A 8.31 FPF and Crews

    HE SAID ROLL LOW! I must admit it does seem if you have 8 moral you break but if you have a pinned conscript half-squad he'll ruin your day with a 3 or some other improbable roll. Send the dice to therapy so they will have more confidence next time or get a hammer.
  12. jimfer

    #71: Sticks and Stones

    WoW I must have jinxed the Isle. I see it was over a hundred, God Bless everyone. I do hope you guys get a cool wave soon you're not setup for that kind of heat. Just hit 111 today here in Fort Worth but we have air conditioning in almost 100% of homes. I do hope you can find a cool space.
  13. jimfer

    #71: Sticks and Stones

    Just warm? It will be over a hundred degrees Fahrenheit the next 10 days or so here in North Texas. 106 in Fort Worth (41 Celsius for you distant relatives), at least you've got a beach closer than 6-hour drive. 😓
  14. jimfer

    Armor Leader counter

  15. jimfer

    Variety in Tournaments

    If your rolling dice it's a good tournament. I want to travel to new places, meet new people, get a match that takes place in an exotic location between adversaries, then destroy them! Leave them a quivering lump of human despair! I want my dice to be so hot they leave smoke trails when...
  16. jimfer

    So what scenarios have you played Recently?

    Finally recovering from the Austin Team Tournament, it was a great deal of fun. The big Thursday smash em up, Ferocity Fest featured BFP-29 Hueishan Docks. I was the Chinese my opponent David wanted the Japanese so OK with me. I am not a big PTO player and this is a big city fight so no trouble...
  17. jimfer

    ABTF HASL - Why do you hate it? Why don't you hate it?

    I've played the campaign twice. It does represent the battle and it test the Brits skill and multiple PMC. The Brits love the 1st 2 sessions then its hammer time. It is a slug fest after that, the fest being the Brits and the slug the SS. Won one lost one. Everyone will choose their poison...
  18. jimfer

    What is allowed and not allowed?

    Play what you want to play with who you want. Talk all you want together on anything. The moderator doesn't want PC or any political mumblings here so don't bring it up here, just have some fun, roll the dice.
  19. jimfer

    BFP-101 Panzer Spirit AAR

    Try to win the armor battle quickly. Surviving tanks sleaze the Germans and HUMAN close the deal worked for me once. Also rolling really low works for some people, I need to try that sometime.
  20. jimfer

    Designer/Tester Trend Russian Leaders

    Easy solution to more leaders is to win CC or MMC self-rally and create them! I'm not very good at this but my opponents must know the algorithm because they never fail!;)