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  1. M Faulkner


  2. M Faulkner

    ASLOK Playtesting

    I have many things to playtest at ASLOK: ABTF; Ponte Grande Bridge; Armored Trains. Any and all takers welcome. Let me know.
  3. M Faulkner

    New ASL Products at ASLOK?

    Does anyone know what new ASL products might be at ASLOK this year? AP maybe?
  4. M Faulkner

    ASLOK Trash Talk!

    ASLOK is a month away…. Time to start some “Trash Talking!” Anthony Flanagan and Dave Reinking… I dare you to take the train station!
  5. M Faulkner

    Mike F.’s ASLOK Playlist

    I have ABTF scenario playtests to do, Ponte Grande Bridge playtests to do, Armored Trains playtests to do, and other ASL. Anyone want to help out with ABtF or PGB playtesting, let me know…
  6. M Faulkner

    WP and Flames in Buildings

    Question: A24.32 states that WP can cause a flame creation in a building. In a multi-level building, how do you determine which level the flame is on? Random Selection? If you roll for Random Selection and you roll doubles, do you create multiple flames? If from indirect fire (MTR) can it...
  7. M Faulkner

    Identify the AT Gun

    Can someone help identify this AT Gun? Caliber and name/designation?
  8. M Faulkner

    Verbal Communication When using VASL

    What is the best/easiest platform for verbal communication when playing ASL via VASL?
  9. M Faulkner

    Why do I have to keep reinstalling the VASL module?

    My VASL module disappears from my VASSAL every few weeks. Anyone know why?
  10. M Faulkner

    A Bridge Too Far CG at ASLOK

    Anyone going to ASLOK want to do a playtest CG game of A Bridge Too Far (most likely Block By Bloody Block CG I 6 dates)? Let me know! I should have the new map by then and will be ready to go.
  11. M Faulkner


    Who does most of the VASLization of the ASL maps? I need to speak to them.
  12. M Faulkner

    What Movie Did This line Come From Trivia

    "I'm here to kick ass and to chew bubble gum and I'm all out of bubble gum!" Name that movie (extra points for character)!