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  1. thedrake

    Dispatch #54 just transmitted

    Like that its got a Market Garden scenario in it. Missed it for this year's solo MG bash but on list for next year. Will resubscribe after issue 56, as believe that is my last one on current subscription.
  2. thedrake

    Today in ASL I ... (Day to day ASL doings)

    Printed two playtest maps out for William Cirillo's Factories and Rails module (urban combat module) and BFP Mannerheim Cross (Finnish module.) Worked on next CG Date of ABtF 2nd ed. CG 1, part of Michael Faulkner's module depicting four bridge battles by British parachutists/glider troops...
  3. thedrake

    What ASL Product Have You Bought Recently?

    CH mag with new Grain Elevator map+CG. Hate the included overhead counters though.
  4. thedrake


    Michael, Show everybody the Arnhem map too.
  5. thedrake


    Dont forget 53 A High Price To Pay, which is a great scenario to play.
  6. thedrake

    What ASL Product Have You Bought Recently?

    BGD German and Russian counter sets. Another copy of Red Factories , on sale this weekend from MMP.
  7. thedrake

    Who plays Grumble Jones scenarios?

    Yes I do play them, solo, as find they are fun.
  8. thedrake

    What Scenario Have You Played The Most?

    ABtF1 The Prize--both sides attack+defend, and Brits need to cross the bridge. Buchholz Station, in its various iterations. Real challenge for the Germans to exit, I find.
  9. thedrake

    Kesselschlacht - Red Barricades CG III

    Melvin, thanks for posting. That forum is a gold mine resource of ASL.
  10. thedrake

    Finally a Russian 200mm+ Rocket OBA ON TARGET

    Give those Katyusha boys their Party cards now!
  11. thedrake

    What ASL Product Have You Bought Recently?

    The Uber Alles bundle from Alan Findlay at Broken Ground Design. As if I need more Germans....
  12. thedrake

    Today in ASL I ... (Day to day ASL doings)

    Proofreading LCP Quick Six 4 pack for second time. Reading over Michael Faulkner's new ABtF scenarios before setting one up for solo play. Contemplating how my last few German defenders in LCP Elst playtest will keep XXX Corps from taking the rest of the town and then hauling ass to Arnhem...
  13. thedrake

    Best CG games that fit this description...

    Besides the ones already mentioned: Lone Canuck Publishing Ozereyka Bay Bounding Fire Productions Operation Neptune Critical Hit Platoon Leader 1.0 (original 1995 version), if you can track down a copy for cheap. Also here is a free way to try later version of Platoon Leader 2.5...
  14. thedrake

    What ASL Product Have You Bought Recently?

    Hazmo pack #3 LCP Battle for France pack BGD zombie and Extras 1+3 counter sheets Waiting for all three to arrive.
  15. thedrake

    Of DC's and FT's

    Critical Hit magazine #2 had an excellent article on Red Barricades CG and one of the topics in the article was on use of FT+DC, which can be applied to just about any scenario.
  16. thedrake

    German Rarities 1 & 2

    Was going to try them in solo play of Shoestring Ridge, as has SSR about grenades use.
  17. thedrake

    Lft & pbdyo

    My vote was no , based on trying this out many years ago and absolutely hating it. The concept itself is good, but the execution of it is poor due to all the constraints placed on a player as far as purchasing RG's. The rules are over-complicated as far as purchases ; rules 2.14 and 2.6 are...
  18. thedrake

    OMG the HEAT! & the Skeeters! More scenarios from the basement!

    Y'all do know my response was a joke, right? Richie has a great sense of humor so know he will get my response as we chat online.
  19. thedrake

    Today in ASL I ... (Day to day ASL doings)

    Clipping counters for two Manila scenarios to play solo. Read FTC 12 booklet+scenarios ; have 3 scenarios from that pack want to play asap. Reading over old SL Commando CG from Annual 92.
  20. thedrake

    What ASL Product Have You Bought Recently?

    Sword+Fire-Manila FTC 12 CH Red Ice Misc.ASL parts from Fine Games Retirement Sale--for $12 got the following: -HoB erratta page for Berlin and Hill 112 modules -RbF #4 captured Russian AFV counter sheet (correctly printed) hedge overlay sheet from J4 2 sets of CH SMC small counter sheets...