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  1. Tuomo

    Run out of memory- RB

    It's England. There's inflation now.
  2. Tuomo

    Unusual counter action

    Huh. Today I can't replicate it. But I know it's been happening. Thought it might have something to do with where I click in order to drag the selected units, but can't replicate it. Thought it might happen only while online in a live room, but can't replicate it. But for sure, it's been...
  3. Tuomo

    YoB Appendix E - PDFs of Official and Selected TPM Board Thumbnails

    D'oh! Ye Olde Appendix F! Good catch! Thanks, @Eagle4ty !
  4. Tuomo

    Unusual counter action

    Possibly related (my apologies if not). Same configuration as above Expand the stack Select the top three counters by clicking in order from topmost to third from top Drag them to another hex - they won't end up there properly, in the same z order Next, repeat the process but with the original...
  5. Tuomo

    Le Franc Tireur 15

    When Xavier gives the OK, we'll post thumbnails of the LFT15 boards. I suspect he doesn't want to bring down the internet with the sheer volume of cross-Atlantic orders he'll receive. It'll bring France to its knees, and people get kinda touchy about that.
  6. Tuomo

    I have never tried…

    Graciously accepting defeat. Just seems like a bad habit to get into.
  7. Tuomo

    ASL Board 77

    Oh, to be grammar-splained by someone who can't be bothered to capitalize the starts of sentences. How far we have fallen.
  8. Tuomo

    ASL Board 77

    Errr, no, actually. Did I really get that wrong? Dayyum. I may need to apologize to Jazz. That'll take some time to work up to.
  9. Tuomo

    LOS Issue Boards 43 48

    Wonder if you could keep a flipped version of the user's chosen board configurration in memory and then compare the flipped LOS to the non-flipped, as you have done here. If they differ, that could flag the problem and maybe there's a simple way forward from there. Or else just fix the...
  10. Tuomo

    B23.25 Movement between ADJACENT building Locations

    What if the quarter wasn't there? What if it was a dime?
  11. Tuomo

    Pre-Existing Crags under Broken Terrain

    I'll pencil you in to answer this again in 10 years :)
  12. Tuomo

    F13.1 Broken Terrain

    A: No
  13. Tuomo

    Pre-Existing Crags under Broken Terrain

    The Rulesmeister done did what he do: A: No
  14. Tuomo

    Concealment and Melee

    I've often wondered when we'd reach the point where one could reconstruct the entire rulebook based on snippets that people have posted online. I think that last post put us over :)
  15. Tuomo

    Pre-Existing Crags under Broken Terrain

    Let's give Perry the chance to get it right this time :)
  16. Tuomo

    Pre-Existing Crags under Broken Terrain

    F13.1 If a board with printed Crags (ie, not Hammada-turned-Crags) is specified as having Broken Terrain, do the non-Depression Open Ground hexes accessible to those "pre-existing" Crags become Broken Ground hexes? Question already sent to MMP, but curious what y'all say. FWIW, the VASL...
  17. Tuomo


    When you see the maps, you'll be like ZOMG WHY DIDN'T THEY DO MAPS LIKE THESE TO BEGIN WITH?
  18. Tuomo

    APh question

    Ya know what - it's entirely possible that you're reading it right and the rest of us have been doing it wrong for 40+ years :)
  19. Tuomo

    El Alamein commemoration