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  1. Whizbang1963

    Korea and Beyond

    Whether or not we like the idea, ASL has been expanding to cover Korea and beyond. Do you think this is a good thing? Once we get past Korea (with the exception of some of the aircraft and helicopters not much had really changed in combat syle) do the changes morph ASL into something completely...
  2. Whizbang1963

    Close In Defense Weapons (snoogiewoofers)

    From Perry >May an sN be fired during a CC Reaction/Street Fighting attack? No; D7.213 ("no vehicle CC attacks (of any kind, including “sN”; A11.622) are allowed;"). ....Perry MMP
  3. Whizbang1963

    Tank Hunter Heroes

    > G.4 on concealment loss in PTO terrain. Based on this a T-H Hero > never has to give up HIP status voluntarily until the CCPh. > Yes or No? Essentially. > If Yes, then G1.425 3rd sentence is not correct as it can never be > held in Melee. Wrong. > G1.425...
  4. Whizbang1963

    Poll for 2009 Scenario Design Contest to Determine Theatre

    Here it is. Your chance to speak out as to which theatre of operations you want to see as the focus of the 2009 Scenario Design Contest
  5. Whizbang1963

    Best Forum Post of 2008

    That's right folks, it's time for you to submit your candidate for the best post of 2008! Let's see what you think the best ASL related post was
  6. Whizbang1963

    Armored Trains in ASL

    They get mentioned from time to time. Where there significant actions fought that can be well represented in ASL by the use of Armored Trains? Do we NEED? Armored trains, or is this just Chrome that you'd like to see? Now's your chance to speak out
  7. Whizbang1963

    What Topic Don't You Want to See Done in ASL

    Okay we've seen all wishlists for what people WANT to see, but what about what you don't want to see? Besides the Warsaw Ghetto Massacre which has been discussed to death.. Theatres or Battles that you have absolutely no interest in seeing done in ASL or as HASL or HSASL.. For me it's...