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  1. thedrake

    PB CG1 Wire on Trenches/Pillbox?

    PB CG1 initial scenario questions: 1--can German player set up Wire in same hex as a Trench/Pillbox? 2--can British use P3.21 Temporary Breach to move beneath Wire? Think Wire placement on Trench/Pillbox , if allowed, will make it difficult to for British to clear out the Germans from those...
  2. thedrake

    Break Contact newsletter at LFT website

    Someone on Facebook mentioned this, couple free scenarios and a variant for Primosole Bridge CG (Italian armored car RG).
  3. thedrake

    Operation Marston scenario from General v20,#2

    Asked this on ASL Facebook couple days ago. Has anyone played this? Thinking of giving it a try with some modification to OB before trying the Primosole Bridge mini-CG from Journal 6.
  4. thedrake

    ABtF--Jadgpanthers part of KG Grabner?

    Posted at ASL Facebook but also asking here. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ABtF OOB question: RG A4-SPG Pltn under KG Grabner shows a StugIIIg(L) and a JgdPz V, which according to Ch.H is a...
  5. thedrake

    LFT Seoul, Battle of the Barricades, solo

    After solo play of Konigsberg (various reports of which were posted on ASL Facebook group) , have started LFT Seoul CG solo and will post reports here as well since many ASL'ers dont have FB. USMC Turn 1 summary--USMC move out on broad front heading south as one company assaults Hill 117 from...
  6. thedrake

    Seoul NKPA Infiltrators..which CG allowed in???

    LFT Seoul question: are Infiltrators allowed in CG1 or CG2? Asking as CG1 RG card has them listed as a purchase option, and are NOT listed on CG2 RG card, BUT rule CG13 states they are available only in CG2. So which CG are they allowed???
  7. thedrake

    Market Garden solo binge---A Scenario Too Far 2019

    That time of year,for my annual Market Garden solo binge. Am looking at 4 to 6 of the scenarios from list below , so wondering what folks here would suggest from this list for solo play. Ostwind (To Battle By Air 2) J58 No.8 Platoon Overrun (ABtF) ABtF5 Tigers To the Bridge! (ABtF) AP116...
  8. thedrake

    SASL Mission A6--Crush On You--Mapboard Selection???

    Have this Mission from Hans Mielants old SASL webpage. Noticed there is blank space for Mapboard Selection on my copy of this Mission. Does anyone have any info on what the Mapboard Selection should be???
  9. thedrake

    SS Nederlander scenario pack, playtest version

    Reading thru old Point Blank newsletter earlier today and saw Nederlander scenario pack scenario ND-1 Tooth and Nail,and remembered had hard copy of this scenario plus few others from same pack,which was sent to me a few years back for proofing and possible playtesting. Who was the person(s)...
  10. thedrake

    Italian partisan CG--mashup of SASL2

    Set up first Mission of a custom SASL2 CG using an Italian partisan FRIENDLY Company. This CG is a mashup of SASL2, Platoon Leader 3.1 Patrol rules,and one or two historical scenarios which will be modified for the CG. Modifying the CG by using Missions for generating forces and Victory...
  11. thedrake

    Favorite SW and Ordnance in ASL,and why?

    Curious as to what fellow ASL players favorite SW's and pieces of Ordnance to play with in the game,and why. SW--the .50cal. HMG Always have had good luck using this piece as it is very effective against a variety of targets (Infantry, unarmored vehicles and light AFV's,and even aircraft.)...
  12. thedrake

    WO10 Purchase Tables

    Looking at scenario WO10 All Along the Merderet,and reading over the Purchase Tables for the Germans,I have a question regarding the use of </=6 points to purchase the German force. If a player decides to purchase the PzKpfw III G they will need to spend 2 points to purchase it. If a player...
  13. thedrake

    Favorite ASL experiences thread on BGG

    Came across this thread on your top 3 ASL experiences and thought folks here may want to check it out. I love reading other's ASL stories so hope to read some more of these.
  14. thedrake

    KG Walther and Pz Brig.107 book by RZM

    Found this link someone posted on BGG. By the same authors as Autumn Gale.
  15. thedrake

    Saving Private Ryan module by WBW (LONG!)

    Purchased a copy of Wild Bill Wilder's "One Out of Four:The Saga of Saving Private Ryan" and thought would post some initial thoughts on this module. First off the module comes with a cover sheet describing the product contents on the front side and the reverse side is an ad for more of WBW's...
  16. thedrake

    comparison pic of various ASL aircraft counters

    Putting away my new SKEP and had a few ofthe A/C counters out to look at and compare so decided to take a pic and post here (see attachment.) From top row down there is: -MMP German FB and Stuka -HoB Orsha mod "tank buster" Stuka and Kreta mod Ju-52 -HoB Orsha mod Sturmovik and HoB Berlin...
  17. thedrake

    Wild Bill's ASL Simple Solitaire module--first impressions

    Bought this off ebay recently as I play mostly solo so wanted to check out how this system looks/works.Have not had a chance to play it yet but from reading the two pages of rules it definitely looks to be a simple system for playing standard ASL scenario. First you choose which side you play...
  18. thedrake

    Scenario Designers Handbook

    Just received my complimentary copy of Michael Dorosh's Scenario Designers Handbook for ASL.All I can say is it is an excellent addition to the ASL line of reference material and I highly recommend it.For more info go to the following link:
  19. thedrake

    GMT Combat Commander--ASL Lite??? Looks like a streamlined version of ASL (with old 3W-style counters.) Like the maps;wonder if they could be used with ASL mapboards???? MD