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  1. Tuomo

    F13.1 Broken Terrain

    A: No
  2. Tuomo

    Pre-Existing Crags under Broken Terrain

    F13.1 If a board with printed Crags (ie, not Hammada-turned-Crags) is specified as having Broken Terrain, do the non-Depression Open Ground hexes accessible to those "pre-existing" Crags become Broken Ground hexes? Question already sent to MMP, but curious what y'all say. FWIW, the VASL...
  3. Tuomo

    MOL vs AFV: Inherent FP taken up too?

    A Squad prep fires at an adjacent AFV using a MOL. Is its Inherent FP taken up by that attack as well?
  4. Tuomo

    FH in PB hex

    Can a unit in a PB advance out of it but into a FH that is in that hex?
  5. Tuomo

    Low Ammo on a Manhandled Gun

    Just noticed that Guns get a -2 to their Manhandling DR if they opt to place a Low Ammo counter (C10.3). That's pretty cool chrome. Has anyone ever done this, and how did it work out? And I'm a little surprised that there isn't any provision for Going Back And Getting The Rest Of The Ammo. I...
  6. Tuomo

    Setting Up Under Wire

    Another probably-misremembered rule I can't find. Can Infantry set up under a Wire counter? It would seemingly make sense, but I can't find it stated explicitely. The only thing I can find is A12.33, which states in part: "A unit entering/exiting a hidden Fortification (including Wire but not...
  7. Tuomo

    Allied Troops FG DRM?

    Do Allied Troops suffer some kind of detrimental modifier when forming a Firegroup? This question has nothing to do with Leadership of Allied Troops (last two sentences of A10.7). I just mean two MMC of different (but Allied) nationalities forming a Firegroup. It would seem to make sense that...
  8. Tuomo

    Scenarios We Need: Operation Cowboy

    Late war US + freed and rearmed Allied POWs +Regular Germans + Russian Cossacks .... Looking to save pregnant and newly-foaled horses... Against SS troops... With the Russian Army coming over the hill! It's like.... I don't even know what it's like. All I know is, somebody gotta do this...
  9. Tuomo

    F11.7 Dust dr and C3.7 Critical Hits

    The context: Moderate Dust is in effect, and a tank fires its MA on a building it suspects of hiding a HIP OBA observer. Area Target Type is used. The Original TH DR is a 1,1, with the Moderate Dust dr being a 6 (which gets halved, FRU, to a LV Hindrance DRM of +3, F11.72). The other relevant TH...
  10. Tuomo

    British Vehicle Notes 20 and S

    Cross-posted from this thread: Q: Does Multi-Applicable British Vehicle Note S apply to the Cromwell VI and VIII (British Vehicle Note 20)? A: Only the historical part applies. Thanks Perry!
  11. Tuomo


    This is a good read, seemingly full of raw scenario ideas. Amazon also has a sale going on Hitler's Fortresses In The East, which includes Ternopol. Grief for a new Scenario Design Contest?
  12. Tuomo

    What Scenario Have You Played The Most?

    How many times, and do you have a winning record? Cue JR with the Wintergewitter flashbacks.
  13. Tuomo

    General Thread: Did We Do This Right?

    Tried to find an existing general thread to attach this to, but couldn't. Seems like a useful thing to have a general thread for "Did We Do This Right?" (DWDTR? Hmm...) questions, since they seem popular at the moment. Maybe this is the place to go when you're too lazy to look up the rules...
  14. Tuomo

    Are LL guns automatically L also?

    Just like C4.2 says that Guns <= 40mm have their Basic TH# lowered by 1 at certain ranges in addition to the lowering by 1 for being <= 57mm, do LL guns get to raise their Basic TH # by 1 (C4.13) in addition to the raising by 1 that L guns get (C4.12)? Some part of me always thought the LL...
  15. Tuomo

    Best Vehicle Names

    Sure, one can be boring and label their vehicles "A", "B", "C", etc, but Life is Short and VASL lets you label your units any way you want. JR Tracy is the master of this; I've think I've seen his vehicles labeled with everything from Napoleonic generals to Brady Bunch kids. For my upcoming IR...
  16. Tuomo

    Bug? Dust DRM affects MC DR

    With Moderate Dust on, the MC DR seems to be adding that third dr: VASL 6.6.4
  17. Tuomo

    Where's YOUR Blight?

    Where I live, Longmont CO, we have an old abandoned sugar beet processing plant that I not-so-affectionately call "The Blight": This photo doesn't really do justice to just how run-down this facility is; one really needs to drive by it in order to appreciate just what a hole it is. Why the...
  18. Tuomo

    What This Map Needs... Is A Little More Bakunawa!

    Now that Manila: Sword and Fire is out and the awards and back-slapping are in full swing, the Ugly Truth can come out: the Manila Map is not all it could have been 🤯 It's fun to do a map and pick out various art elements that fit the scene - particularly when the scene has such cultural depth...
  19. Tuomo

    Pinned Thread for PDFs of Geoboard Board Thumbnails now has selected TPMs

    Figured I might as well update the PDF of selected TPM geobards - see this thread
  20. Tuomo

    Fate of Passengers/Riders if the vehicle is elminated when unloading?

    Can't believe I can't find this, but what happens to Passengers/Riders if their vehicle is eliminated while spending the MP to Unload them?