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  1. SamB

    The Gamer's Armory @ ASLOK 2018

    What new products will be available? Anyone?
  2. SamB

    ASLOK....Right around the corner!!!!

    Hi - LOOOONG time since I've been on Gamesquad, but still active in Seattle ASL. I'll be at ASLOK Mon to Sun and am looking to share a room. I have a room reserved - or I can cancel mine and share yours. I'm a non-smoker and I don't snore... Reply here and let's set something up. Sam Belcher
  3. SamB

    Vehicle Platoon movement

    "Concentrate on what the rules allow" means that for trucks to be able to do this, you'd have to have a rules reference that said "trucks" or "vehicles".
  4. SamB

    Great Game Stores - Support them!

    Just saw some comments about game stores closing. Wanted to share a link. This is a great game environment in Seattle. Two locations. A well stocked game store (no ASL) and a restaurant. You can go to eat and they bring you a menu with games as well as food and...
  5. SamB

    ASL Gaming May 24-26 In Olympia, Washington

    Enfilade ASL events - May 24, 25 and 26. Gaming will “officially” start at noon on Friday. Enfilade is a LARGE game convention featuring Historical miniatures play. But there is also a nice-sized Advanced Squad Leader event. This year, there are THREE ASL events to choose from! Advanced Squad...
  6. SamB

    North Seattle ASL Monthly Game Day

    Hello!! THIS SATURDAY!! (January 12, 2013) Sorry for the late notice. I’ve been a little under the weather – and snowed under – lately. We have a GAME DAY this Saturday! If you’re a new player, we’ll have games and instruction for you. Please RSVP so I know how many to expect. If you know...
  7. SamB

    Holy Cow! Seattle beat New Orleans in the play off game!

    I watch them during the regular season, too... And I'll be watching this weekend too.
  8. SamB

    Holy Cow! Seattle beat New Orleans in the play off game!

    Odds makers have the Bears by 10 ... That's exactly what New Orleans was favored by... :)
  9. SamB

    Holy Cow! Seattle beat New Orleans in the play off game!

    Well, Seattle went to Chicago and won on Oct 17. They could do it again. Sam
  10. SamB

    Holy Cow! Seattle beat New Orleans in the play off game!

    Not today, Vinnie... :)
  11. SamB

    Holy Cow! Seattle beat New Orleans in the play off game!

    I don't think many people expected it, but Seattle Seahawks played an inspired game and beat New Orleans. (Last year's super bowl champs). Way to go! Will lightning strike again next week?
  12. SamB

    The Best Starter Kit Scenarios

    OK, there are quite a few out there now... What are the BEST starter kit scenarios. In terms of balance, fun, what ever... And yes, we'll have a tournament at the end of May, but that has nothing to do with the question. Really. :D
  13. SamB

    ASL / Minatures Tourney in Seattle! - "Enfilade!"

    Enfilade! 2009 is this Memorial Day Weekend, May 22 (Friday), 23 (Saturday), 24 (Sunday), 2009 at the Red Lion Hotel Olympia. This is a large (200+ attendees) tournament of Historical Miniatures gamers. There will be several game vendors there and I expect about thirty ASL players to show up and...
  14. SamB

    When you play, how often do you use the IIFT?

    When you play, how often do you use the IIFT?
  15. SamB

    New members introduce yourself here

    Phlegm! As a rank amatuer - as a newbie - as a FNG - you'll probably want to pick up a copy of the starter kit so you can learn the infantry rules! :laugh::D:p Oh, yeah. Welcome to the forum.
  16. SamB

    New members introduce yourself here

    Welcome, Paul. Sounds as if you'll HAVE to use Planos for your counter storage!
  17. SamB

    Hull down on a double crest, cliff, etc.

    Is it possible to be HD across a cliff or double crest hexside by performing the HD manuever dr? No. ....Perry
  18. SamB

    New members introduce yourself here

    If you have any time, you might still contact these guys. Face to Face play with an experienced player is the easiest way to learn the system for most people.
  19. SamB

    Kreta Review

    I do think that HoB did more than simply suggest you play seven scenarios and whoever wins 4 or more wins the campaign. There is some innovation in the "Basic point value" for a scenario and raising or lowing the point value based on CVP. Is it a conventional Campaign game? No. It is more...