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    88L v ATT

    Just making sure I am doing this correctly. An 88L firing at a concealed stack in woods (13 hex range) would attempt @ th9+2 for concealed (and the TEM would be added on the effects DR)?
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    FTSmR7_ Fighting over the Finger

    Does anyone have a VASL map for this scenario? I tried to crop both maps but they are very far apart.
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    Book on Walcheran/ The Scheldt Estuary

    There was a discussion here (a bit back) about a well written book on this subject, but the original book was approximately $300.00. However, they were doing a re-print. It was a European publisher. Does anyone remember the book title or am I mis-remembering the subject? I know it was late war...
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    Dinant CG cheat sheet

    Has anyone created a cheat sheet of any sorts for the Dinant CG?
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    Memorial Day!

    Happy Memorial Day to all who served and to all whom have served and have passed, thank you.
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    O5_ The Tsar's Infernal Machines

    If anyone has played this scenario on VASL, which Russian counters do you use for the Russian AFV's? I cannot seem to find the correct counters.
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    O5_ The Tsar's Infernal Machines

    On VASL, which Russian counters do you use for the Russian AFV's? I cannot seem to find the correct counters.
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    Texas ASL & CoW 2020

    Does anyone have a contact info, for the Texas ASL site, so that I can send my latest (and final) Chronology of War 2020? Thanks
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    Night & Freedom of Movement

    If a leader (with Freedom of Movement) is stacked with an AFV, can it grant that AFV freedom to move? If the answer is yes, my 2nd question involves a particular scenario SSR that states that the AFV does not have freedom of movement on T1. If the answer to my 1st question was yes, could a...
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    6.5.1 & 6.6.1

    Last week, I downloaded VASSAL 3.4.11/ VASL 6.6.1, did a custom install (made sure I had JAVA 8+) and all seemed to work. I played a couple of games with 6.5.1 with zero problems and then I re-started my computer. When I double-clicked 3.2.17 desktop icon it said that it was not compatible with...
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    .vsav file

    My opponent is sending me a .vsav file but when I try to open it this is what I am getting: What is going on? My opponent says he is not zipping the file prior. Thanks
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    auto update

    Whenever I load a VASL log or even start a new map set up, the boards are not auto updating. It is trying to but fails every time. On this log I am using 3.2.17 & 6.5.1. What am I doing wrong?
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    I have a .gif map file. How do I change this to be visible in VASL?
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    Area Fire for Acq

    I am firing an SU-152 vs. what looks like an empty hex just for acquisition. I roll low enough to hit (something, maybe?) on the Area Target Type. Can I rubble this hex if I roll low enough on the TK DR?
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    Armored Assault

    A stack (squad/ AFV) start movement together, move 2 hexes (Inf have spent total of 2 mp). They then split and the infantry late cx's for a total of 5 mp. Can the AFV then spend all of it's remaining movement factors (IE: 16 MF)?
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    Looking for someone to play a relaxed scenario from the Dinant game. I play very relaxed (2 logs per week or so). I am in no rush but would like to try some stuff that I have not played.
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    Patrick Palma

    Has anyone heard from Patrick Palma lately? We had been playing a bit ago and life interrupted me and I have not been able to make contact again.
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    Collateral Attack

    How does a collateral attack work? I am firing the cmg (Az2/ AA3) vs the Armored assault units in BB7. I declared a specific collateral attack vs the AFV (hit but NE) and then because they are moving together I use the same TH DR to attack the PRC in the hex. I know the Infantry are not PRC...
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    BFP 4-2-8 AM

    Setting up BFP94_ To the Last Shell in VASL. Where do you find the 4-2-8 AM and/ or the 1-2-8 AT counters. I have BFP 4.3.1 extension loaded. I noticed that I have the CtR extension loaded but on the BFP tab the only drop down is for CtR. Thanks. disregard, I have found them
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    ? loss check

    If a concealed unit AM across a hexside that is totally clear to an enemy unit. Does the AM unit lose concealment? EX: 1aU4 AM to 1aV3. 1aW5 has loss to the hex side that U4 crosses. Would this strip concealment?