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    Probably "dead on arrival". There has been nothing heard from the designer in quite some time.
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    Someone enjoying the Red Factories module!

    Those guys were in their mid- 30's when they started that "scenario" :):)
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    Happy Thanksgiving

    Happy Thanksgiving as well. Hope everyone enjoyed their day.
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    6.6.5 chat window issue

    I completely agree.
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    Beyond Valor v Journals

    That is the reason that i took the Journal's as well. Nothing against BV.
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    Anyone have 9, 11 or 33 in SK style to sell?

    They all 3 seem to be available on the MMP website for $6.00 apiece. It won't get much cheaper than that.
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    Products that I'd like to see MMP produce

    That looks awesome! A lot of detail plus a lot of dedication. I don't have that much pep anymore.
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    How old is the oldest ASLer who still plays?

    I played Ray at ASLOK and I am pretty sure he said he was 78
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    Forgotten War scenarios

    Someone is working on a module of 'Escaping the Trap: 10th Army NE of Chosin' :)
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    88L v ATT

    You have it correct, a 1/2 inch concealed stack If a hit occurred, is the FP still halved as they are still concealed or do they get the full FP Thanks
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    88L v ATT

    Just making sure I am doing this correctly. An 88L firing at a concealed stack in woods (13 hex range) would attempt @ th9+2 for concealed (and the TEM would be added on the effects DR)?
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    Products that I'd like to see MMP produce

    Bitterest Day (Sugar Loaf Hill/ Okinawa) would fit this bill perfectly. 1 map, 2 pages of Special Rules, 8 scenarios, & 1 CG. No new counters needed as long as you own the PTO module.
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    How old is the oldest ASLer who still plays?

    I dunno but I was at ASLOK and the way some of those guys get around there has to be a centenarian or two! :):)
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    Organising PDF copies of Scenarios

    I don't think so. I truly get so little response from it that it became a chore, a very bad chore. 😢
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    Organising PDF copies of Scenarios

    WOW! I like it but no way would I redo the 1,000's of scenarios in my file. If I get stuck trying to find a scenario, I just look up my excel file and it tells me what product that scenario is located in plus the same excel file has listed all of the scenario information.
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    Chateau Sherry/Tampa ASL Group Hurricane Update

    Wishing you all Good Luck!
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    Valor of the Guards or Red Barricades

    RB, it started it all... VotG is good but the map could be improved (railcars, gutted buildings...)
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    Today in ASL I ... (Day to day ASL doings)

    I need to start doing this.
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    ASLOK XXXVI - October 2nd-9th, 2022

    La Quinta was $115/ night (5 nights) and it is only 2 minutes drive away. It looks decent enough. Pretty much everything else starts hitting the $150+ a night.
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    ASLOK XXXVI - October 2nd-9th, 2022

    Okay, I made reservations at La Quinta. It is minutes away. Bret contacted me and said about the same as everyone else as far as the hotel being booked and "maybe" something might open up.