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  1. klasmalmstrom

    Platoon Movement / Minefield Attack/TPBF v surviving crew

    It does, and then the Impulse will cost as many MP as the AFV that expended the most... It depends - it would have spent as many MP as was announces when it tried to exit the minefield. Per Q&A a "minefield exit" attack is rolled for immediately (an "enter" attack would be rolled for at the end...
  2. klasmalmstrom

    Sword & Fire Question 2 - optional equipment.

    G11.1: "Gyrostabilizers are considered in use only if specified by SSR or DYO purchases (H1.42)." I see nothing in Chapter SF calling for the use/roll-for Gyrostabilizers. As to why, the designer would need to answer.
  3. klasmalmstrom

    Sword & Fire Question 2 - optional equipment.

    Don't think SSR CG8 allows for rolls to get Gyros. It only refers to H1.41. The FT per U.S. MAVN F is not rolled for per H1.41, but determined per the Note, and as you say it is NA for CG I.
  4. klasmalmstrom

    Sword & Fire Question

    CG I MAP: Only hexes north of the Pasig River on map sections 1 and 2 are playable. So the area in the top right-hand corner with Esteros and Islands are in play..
  5. klasmalmstrom

    Platoon Movement / Minefield Attack/TPBF v surviving crew

    In a way the second tank's movement into VBM becomes an illegal move - retroactively - as the first one is Immobilized trying to get out of the way. To be honest I am not sure the rules cover this situation, so "remains in P29 spending the 14 MP" is how I think I would play it....
  6. klasmalmstrom

    Platoon Movement / Minefield Attack/TPBF v surviving crew

    I think the second tank just remains in P29 spending the 14 MP there (since VBM is now blocked by the wreck). However, after the first tank becomes Immobilized, it's no longer part of the platoon. Then the second tanks is also no longer part of a platoon using Impulse Movement, so I think it...
  7. klasmalmstrom

    Platoon Movement / Minefield Attack/TPBF v surviving crew

    No, the crew did not enter the Location as Infantry....
  8. klasmalmstrom

    Pillbox Ambush

    Yes...B30.7 only says: "however, “?”/HIP in a pillbox neither halves the FP of, nor adds a TH DRM to, an attack on it/its-contents."
  9. klasmalmstrom

    Mortar vs. AFV and Wall

    C1.55: "TEM applies to the IFT DR as per 1.52/3.331 as applicable (for an AFV hit by Air Bursts, see also D5.311)." C1.52: "Indirect Fire IFT resolution is subject to TEM [EXC: Height Advantage (B10.31), Crest (B20.92), Deir (F4.5), Hillock (F6.5), and Dune Crest (F7.513) TEM] in the normal...
  10. klasmalmstrom

    Concealment and Melee

    One option - that I sometimes use - is to just rotated those that have moved/advanced a tad...
  11. klasmalmstrom

    AP mines on a paved narrow road

    I think B31.142 handles mines in Narrow Street hexes...
  12. klasmalmstrom

    Journal 12 Page 6 Figure 1 : question about Residual Fire

    Subject to the same Defensive First Fire attack - so it would have needed to be a multi-hex "stack" of some sorts...
  13. klasmalmstrom

    Concealment and Melee

    Sure, if they have trouble remembering what units have advances and which have not.....never had that issue myself....if I see a unit in a Location with an enemy unit then odds are it has already advanced....otherwise is had ended up there in the MPh, and should most likely already (by the...
  14. klasmalmstrom

    C1.22 Radio question

    Or perhaps other similar variants.... 😀
  15. klasmalmstrom

    Shellholes and COT

    I agree - hence is why I think we'll see errata to that Journal 11 errata, to clarify that the road is still there...
  16. klasmalmstrom

    Shellholes and COT

    How is a printed road+shellhole combo treated wrt movement for vehicles?
  17. klasmalmstrom

    Shellholes and COT

    The errata to B2.1 (in Journal 11) never intended to remove roads...I wouldn't be surprised if there will be errata to that effect...
  18. klasmalmstrom

    Manila questions

    Since the rule says "from the preceding scenario" - I am pretty sure one does not do this Step after an Idle Date.
  19. klasmalmstrom

    Shellholes and COT

    Oddly enough, IIRC, shellholes can occur in jungle hexes....
  20. klasmalmstrom

    Pre-Existing Crags under Broken Terrain

    The old Q&A seems - to me - to be in line with F13.1.