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  1. SamB

    Great Game Stores - Support them!

    Just saw some comments about game stores closing. Wanted to share a link. This is a great game environment in Seattle. Two locations. A well stocked game store (no ASL) and a restaurant. You can go to eat and they bring you a menu with games as well as food and...
  2. SamB

    ASL Gaming May 24-26 In Olympia, Washington

    Enfilade ASL events - May 24, 25 and 26. Gaming will “officially” start at noon on Friday. Enfilade is a LARGE game convention featuring Historical miniatures play. But there is also a nice-sized Advanced Squad Leader event. This year, there are THREE ASL events to choose from! Advanced Squad...
  3. SamB

    North Seattle ASL Monthly Game Day

    Hello!! THIS SATURDAY!! (January 12, 2013) Sorry for the late notice. I’ve been a little under the weather – and snowed under – lately. We have a GAME DAY this Saturday! If you’re a new player, we’ll have games and instruction for you. Please RSVP so I know how many to expect. If you know...
  4. SamB

    Holy Cow! Seattle beat New Orleans in the play off game!

    I don't think many people expected it, but Seattle Seahawks played an inspired game and beat New Orleans. (Last year's super bowl champs). Way to go! Will lightning strike again next week?
  5. SamB

    The Best Starter Kit Scenarios

    OK, there are quite a few out there now... What are the BEST starter kit scenarios. In terms of balance, fun, what ever... And yes, we'll have a tournament at the end of May, but that has nothing to do with the question. Really. :D
  6. SamB

    ASL / Minatures Tourney in Seattle! - "Enfilade!"

    Enfilade! 2009 is this Memorial Day Weekend, May 22 (Friday), 23 (Saturday), 24 (Sunday), 2009 at the Red Lion Hotel Olympia. This is a large (200+ attendees) tournament of Historical Miniatures gamers. There will be several game vendors there and I expect about thirty ASL players to show up and...
  7. SamB

    When you play, how often do you use the IIFT?

    When you play, how often do you use the IIFT?
  8. SamB

    Hull down on a double crest, cliff, etc.

    Is it possible to be HD across a cliff or double crest hexside by performing the HD manuever dr? No. ....Perry
  9. SamB

    This Hallowed Ground - Game in Progress

    Here are some photos of my game of "The Second Day" at Gettysburg from This Hallowed Ground. My opponent is Mike standing in for Gen. Lee and I have the Union troops. Gettysburg Game Photos I will try to update this every one to two weeks with more photos.
  10. SamB

    Concealment Questions

    Suggest you use this topic to post questions and answers relating to concealment.
  11. SamB

    Journal 3 Eratta

    ASL Journal #3 has the following errata, which will be up on our web page for J3 shortly. ....Perry MMP Scenario J38 "Bitter Defense at Otta": Ice rules do not apply. Scenario J52 "Dress Rehearsal": BPSSRs apply (see page 60). Scenario J53 "Setting the Stage": BPSSRs apply (see page 60)...
  12. SamB

    Index Questions

    Use this for questions relating to the Index.
  13. SamB

    Calvary Questions

    Whereas previously I answered Zen MasterTracy's questions thusly: >> Q1: May Cavalry declare Gallop in Bypass or Woods? >Yes. > >> Q2: If Yes to Q1, may Cavalry use the extra MFs thereby generated to >> Dismount in that hex? >Not while in Bypass or in woods...
  14. SamB

    Berserk and Armored Assault

    >Rule:A15.431, D9.31 >Question:A DC838, FT838, 9-1 stacked with a PzVG begin their move by >Armour Assaulting along a road. After spending 4MFs and 6MPs, they are DFFed upon and the result is the following: a 149 is generated and the rest of the Infantry goes berserk. The target is...
  15. SamB

    Rout Questions

    I'd propose using this topic for all rout related questions and answers from Perry.
  16. SamB

    German Squads can fire 2 PFs

    > C13.31 & A8.31 Panzerfaust use. > May a German squad marked with a First Fire counter make a PF check during > the enemy movement phase? > Assuming it can still fire a SW without having to use Subsequent First Fire, i.e., it either only used its Inherent FP or only fired one...
  17. SamB

    Firing HEAT at a Factory

    > > Is Factory TEM (B23.741) sufficient building TEM to qualify for a > > HEAT attack per C8.31? > > > >No. > >....Perry >MMP
  18. SamB

    COWTRA - Explained!!!

    From: on behalf of Sent: Wednesday, May 30, 2001 7:37 PM To: Subject: ASL: COWTRA Had to repost this since I didn't see it come through. Sam sez: > Bear in mind, however, that the phrase is IN...
  19. SamB

    T9.2 - Stacking under the pier

    >> T9.2 says that the location underneath the pier has a max stacking capacity >> of one squad equivalent. Can this location still overstack? > >No. Max is one squad-equivalent (unlike Steeple, e.g., which has a normal >stacking limit of one HS). > >....Perry >MMP
  20. SamB

    Armored Assault and Wire

    > Can I check out a rules interpretation that came up in playtest? Squad > and > leader using Armored Assault move into Wire for 1 MF (AFV uses 1 + 2 = 3MP). > Assuming the AFV passes its Bog DR, is its further movement in any way > affected by the infantry's Wire dr? No...