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    Green Hell of Inor CG III (Dennis Brothers)

    So me and Steve are finally ready to start our Green Hell of Inor CG3 (Flanking the Maginot Line). Here's the at-start disposition for the French with none of the German forces on board. I must have moved the guys in Inor Village three or four times, but this is what I settled on. The gun...
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    Inor CGIII Questions

    Me and my brother are currently setting up CG III and a question has come up. According to the setup directions for the French Canon de 75 Mle 1897, it is supposed to setup limbered on a paved road hex. This gun however is a QSU gun and therefore can not be limbered/unlimbered per C10.23...
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    Festung Budapest CGII 3.0 (Dennis Brothers)

    After our playing of Operation Rees, where Steve failed miserably as the British. He wants to try Festung Budapest CGII for the third time. We played this when FB first came out with him conceding late in the first scenario when he had almost no Russian units alive. I then tried my hand as...
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    Dinant CG (Dennis Brothers)

    Me and my brother have finally started our Dinant CG, after a slight delay due to the world losing its mind, especially with Southeast Michigan being hit so hard. Steve should be along to post pictures soon. My first thoughts as the German was that this is going to be very difficult to get...