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    historical weather

    Hi, Does anyone know of a website for historical weather data. I am trying find the weather for years 1948 -1949 in Europe.
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    With my experimental scenario, I had modern U.S. Forces with total air superiority. Opfor is Chinese motorized divisions equiped with 72 dual 25mm, 24 dual 35mm AAA, 27 crotale sam's plus i added 24 SA-15 and 108 SA-14/16. When i move my divisions and it gets interdicted the towed artillery ...
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    german to&e

    Years ago I saved some german WWII to&e from,they were designed for TOAW I. My hard drive failed and I lost these files. If anyone has copies of these files can you email them to Thank you
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    China scenario

    I found two great sites about the Chinese military. With the information from these sites it would be great to design a new scenario. I just need good subject for one. Does anyone have an idea for one? I aready did the invade Taiwan scenario which...
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    Is anyone designing a new Invade Iraq scenario? If so, how's it going?