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    graphic bug

    Has anyone seen that before and knows how to solve that?
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    looking for an opponent

    CMBB or CMAK, quick battle not too many points. Either side will be ok. PBEM
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    The May 1940 Campaign Scenario design

    Does anyone has this? I'd rather use an existing TOAW map if it does exist.
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    us-soviet forces 1945

    i'm working on an hypothetical scenario taking place in july 1945 in south germany-czechoslovakia. Soviet forces launch an offensive on the third us army to size part of southern germany. this scenario is for the game : the operational art of war, a century of warfare. i have taken the map...
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    looking for tcp/ip game

    i'm looking for tcp/ip opponents european time zone (belgium) i'm a beginner at cm so i'd like tcp/ip^to be able to chat with my opponent during the game so that i can learn better how to play. i have combat mission barbarossa to berlin latest patch contact me at
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    kharkov 1942 (cd version)

    Scenario title/version : kharkov 1942 cd version Scenario author : Doug Bevard Era/turns : ww2, 12 turns ( can go up sometimes), 1 day turn Location/map scale : East front, 10 km per hex Balance notes : scenario very well balanced, in my oppinion both side have a decent chance to win but for...
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    aar for 2innorm221

    After Action Report : 2 weeks in Normandy version 2.2.1 First turn: I have divided the map into four sector: first sector utah beach