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  1. ActionBurk

    Actionburk lists ASL related items on eBay

    I got permission from Jazz and Dr. Zaius to post that I have started to put ASL related items for auction on eBay. Many thanks to them both. I'm selling these items to help cover some legal expenses and also because it's time to let stuff go. I'm not getting any younger and there is no family...
  2. ActionBurk

    A Question of Attitude

    If you have been defeated by a rule, tactic, unit, whatever are you more likely to avoid it or master it? I watch Cutthroat Kitchen and have seen chefs who will never again cook the dish that defeated them. This attitude baffles me. If I got eliminated by Devils Food Cake I would bake it...
  3. ActionBurk

    ASL's Most versatile unit or counter

    What do you think it is? Which unit or information counter is the best at multi-tasking? I'd go with SMC for unit, not sure about the information counter.
  4. ActionBurk

    The opportunities of tournaments, events and gatherings

    One of the most enjoyable aspects of attending one of these events was the chance to do something out of the ordinary, such as team play or blind games. Do you look for something special when attending a tournament or gathering? Is there something you would like to see at one of these ASL...
  5. ActionBurk

    Female ASL players

    The whole time I played ASL I only played one female and that's stretching it quite a bit because I know she/he was transsexual. Not that I give a rat's ass as long as you leave kids and animals alone. Why do you think there aren't more female ASL players/gamers? One of the best chess players in...
  6. ActionBurk

    What book would you NOT want to see a movie of ( cause they'd F it up!!)

    Well they already blew Lord of the Rings and Starship Troopers so my entry would be Tom Clancy's "Red Storm Rising". Too complex to do on the big screen without being so long as to be unwatchable.