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  1. charlie

    A25 Cold Crocodiles questions

    I have two questions - hopefully someone has the answers Each stone building is worth 4VP. Does this includes the 4 east of the canal? [I'm assuming not....] British OBA: no mention of whether HE only or Smoke as well - do we assume they have both? Cheers
  2. charlie

    DB112 'And So It Begins' set up question

    Last line of SSR#2 says debris may be placed in "any OG/Orchard hexes" - does anyone have an opinion on whether this can include orchard/road hexes. I am thinking so but wouldn't mind a 2nd opinion just to be sure Thanks
  3. charlie

    D2.5 ESB: Permissable for halftracks?

    "A tracked vehicle" may attempt ESB. For this rule does a HT count as a tracked vehicle? I assume so but can't find anything in Q&A
  4. charlie

    KGS13 May Day West Side - Help!

    We're a few turns in. Rob has rolled for the gliders to arrive this turn. We have both scoured the rules but can find no answer. Maybe we're both blind - but what do the gliders contain? We assume reinforcements, but what? Thanks if you can help us out.
  5. charlie

    FrF25 Yasuoka's Tank Experience - Vehicle Dust?

    I don't find E11.7 as clear as it could be on this. If you've played this one: should there be vehicle dust? Thanks
  6. charlie

    FrF16 Last Orders question: is captured T-35 radioless?

    The Germans have a captured T-35 in their OOB, which is officially a radioless vehicle. As there is no SSR indicating the new owners have put a radio in it even though it's 1945, we are intending to play it as needing to be part of a platoon or take a NTC to move. This is a small scenario so if...