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  1. Philippe Briaux

    Improbable hit AND possible CH: one or two subsequent dr?

    Situation: in a Location, one concealed unit and one unconcealed unit. Opponent tank fires and get a TH DR of 2, which is just what was needed to hit the unconcealed unit and is also an improbable hit on the concealed unit. Question: is it necessary to do 2 different subsequent dr or just one...
  2. Philippe Briaux

    198 A Breezeless Day 447 ELR 3 or 5?

    What is the ELR of the German 447 in 198 A Breezeless Day (former AP3)? in the OoB it is written ELR3, and 447 are the only German MMC of that OoB but SSR3 says that these 447 are SS and ends by "their Morale Factor is considered underscored" That should mean ELR5 and SSR takes precedence on...