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  1. Actionjick

    The Historical Figure I Would Like to Play Against

    Your Historical Opponent has the ASL knowledge and skill to compete with one of The Greats. Who would it be? What scenario would you play? What side? For me Zhukov, RB CG 3. I am the Germans. Show me what you got Georgy boy!
  2. Actionjick

    DTO: The Jick DTO Variation

    I was always a big fan of the DTO but realized it had some issues. It was mainly armor and combined arms in that theater and SL/ASL is not really accurately scaled for DTO, much more so for other TOO. So IMO the problem is with scale. How to deal with that issue can be approached in a few...
  3. Actionjick

    The TARDIS and A .2

    The Drop Zone thread was the second time I have seen this combination. I assume it represents no going back. Very nice. I started watching Doctor Who around the same time as starting SL.and am curious as to when the TARDIS got involved in ASL. Any info is appreciated and props to the...
  4. Actionjick

    Do you talk to your dice and do they listen?

    A recent article said researchers had determined cats can tell when they are being spoken to. It went on to discuss the changes in the human's vocalizations when speaking to their cat. Btw this is obvious to anyone who owns a cat or dog. I got to thinking about talking to my dice and...
  5. Actionjick

    Miniatures in ASL

    Not wanting to steer the What MMP Products thread totally off course but curious about the topic I thought I would seek some feedback here. The miniatures always looked really cool but seemed like a hassle. If you just wanted to play cardboard was fine. The GHQ micro armor advertisement...
  6. Actionjick

    How old is the oldest ASLer who still plays?

    Stuh42 presented a series of hahas about how old he is. I got to wondering how old the oldest active ASL player is. Active may be a misnomer.😉 Any thoughts? I don't qualify as not a player anymore. I will be seventy in December.
  7. Actionjick

    Land torpedoes

    The hijacking of the SL Liscensed By Hasbro thread to a discussion of electric vehicles and the internal combustion engine got me curious about EVs in WWII. I checked out some videos and it was very interesting, especially the early developments of land torpedoes as they were called in the...
  8. Actionjick

    How would you do a SL reissue for today's market?

    An offshoot of the Renegade Games possible Acquisition of the rights to Squad Leader. I am glad that they didn't get the rights to SL. If there ever was a reissue it should have massive input from those who loved that game. I am obviously in that camp. All that aside I have been...
  9. Actionjick

    ASL Holidays

    Checking out the Tanksgiving thread von Garvin and our comrades from B.C. are hosting got me pondering other holidays that could be ASLified. Here's my offerings and please feel free to offer your own. Armor Day Easter Front
  10. Actionjick

    Seven Days at ASLOk or Two or Three Less Lengthy Events?

    Would you rather attend ASLOk for seven days or a couple or three smaller events in the three or four day range? I was going to say " all things being equal " but decided to leave it wide open.
  11. Actionjick


    Oktober is right around the corner and a very cold and rainy day today in Northeast Ohio. Very ASLOk kind of weather, perfect for gunnin. Also the time of year that brings up a lot of memories. Good times. To top it all off Actiondebbie made her Oktoberfest Chili today. Like any other human she...
  12. Actionjick

    Sharks or Roman Candle?

    Would you rather check out as a paratrooper whose chute doesn't open or a sailor who gets eaten alive by a shark? If Fish and I were watching the tube and some show was on about sharks or the Indianapolis he would always insist that we watch it. The jick! I'll go with the sharks...
  13. Actionjick

    How many players are there in your local group?

    In the Three Player Scenario thread fenyan said there were six players in his group. I replied that I thought that he was quite fortunate to have that many players. The most we ever had was three and that was uncommon. How many players in your group?
  14. Actionjick

    IYO What is a " dog " scenario?

    Finally did the ASLified expression " let sleeping dog scenarios lie " and got to thinking about what constitutes a dog scenario. Is it incredibly lopsided? Too many SSRs? Bland or boring? So what for you is a dog scenario? A specific scenario? Types, such as armor heavy? Whatever is a dog...
  15. Actionjick

    Is there an event calendar?

    It appears that the Scandinavian Open and Blackpool Heroes events are scheduled for the same time. Is there a master calendar where TDs and Organizations can enter the date of their event?
  16. Actionjick

    ASL Haiku

    In the Dew A19.132 Underlined Morale. Rule reduces ELR. Orchards in Season. By Kenjick Takashita
  17. Actionjick

    What is your favorite chrome?

    Whether it's a counter, SSR, terrain, or something else what is your favorite chrome?
  18. Actionjick

    Variety in Tournaments

    I think having tournaments or events that are run in different ways is good for the hobby. I would be interested in hearing what those who attend events and those who don't have to say. Thanks!
  19. Actionjick

    The Three Round Mini Theme Tournament

    Oktoberfest was originally a three day event before Columbus Day. As it grew in size people started showing up in significant numbers before the event officially started Friday morning. Open play was available as the meeting rooms were open but it seemed as if there were enough early arrivals to...
  20. Actionjick

    Up Front; could or should it be ASLified?

    In the " what other games " thread Manilianus mentioned Up Front. That brought back a ton of memories as we played a lot of Up Front. A lot. So the thought struck me as to whether UF could be ASLified. Or if it could should it be? UF is a great game and next to SL/ASL was probably...