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  1. John Fedoriw

    Manila Cellar question

    Hi gents, "SF4.46 COLLAPSE: The B23.41 cellar rules apply unchanged to a SF cellar except as stated otherwise." The B23.41 rule is called cellars BUT it also deals with rubble-ing the buildings and so those particularts must be the rules that apply unchanged to all buildings...
  2. John Fedoriw

    Is HE considered special ammo?

    Playing some Korea and per W3.11 EARLY KW ROK: "...No vehicle/ordnance has any Special Ammunition (C8.);.." If I have a M1 57L AT gun does the HE7 count as special ammo? Or is it normal ammo with a depletion number? The index for special ammo refers you to section C8 BUT that section does not...
  3. John Fedoriw

    LOS into a depression from a higher level.

    Hi gents, My opponent and I have a disagreement. Can the unit in U4 see into W3? I cite: A6.3 DEPRESSIONS: Certain terrain types are defined as being relatively narrow slits carved into the surface below ground level. Although they present no obstacle to LOS between units at or above ground...
  4. John Fedoriw

    Light Woods Transformation not working on board 2

    Hi gents, I just tried to transform woods on board 2 to light woods and for some reason it did not work. Does anyone know why? It worked OK on board 50. (I am pretty sure board 2 is current (doesn't VASL automatically update now anyway?)) Is there anything I can do to get it to work...
  5. John Fedoriw

    Korean Steep Hills Design Question

    Hi gents, I have been playing some Korean War scenarios lately and enjoying them. Initially, I was not too interested in the KW module/scenarios the but happily I have changed my opinion there. I am having fun with it. However, one thing I am curious about is what the justification for steep...
  6. John Fedoriw

    Can a Smoke Mortar fire smoke at an adjacent higher level Steep hill?

    Hi gents, Consider this: Steep hills: W1.32 FIRING RESTRICTIONS: All fire to/from a Steep Hills hex to/from an adjacent hex is treated as if occurring across a cliff hexside (B11.31-.32) if the target is at a different elevation than the firer... Cliffs: B11.32 Only an AA weapon, MG...
  7. John Fedoriw

    Is the firing of starshells considered simultaneous or sequential?

    Hi gents, I think its probably sequential but am not 100% sure. Consider these pics: Situation 1: NVR is 4. Here Squad A can place a starshell on squad C by method 2: E1.922 PLACEMENT: 2. If the Starshell firer has a LOS to a Gunflash, or to a Known enemy unit that is < nine hexes away from...
  8. John Fedoriw

    Air Support LOS down a Palm Lined road

    Hi gents, Would an aircraft in EE5 have a LOS to a unit in BB6? I think so but am not 100% sure. Thanks, John
  9. John Fedoriw

    AP185 does the CPVA overcome no move?

    Hi gents, I am trying to set this up as the CPVA player and am totally me it looks like they have very little chance of victory. It seems that because of W7.42 INFANTRY PLATOON MOVEMENT (IPM) movement restrictions their defense will be even more static than normal in a night...
  10. John Fedoriw

    AP185 Unsanity question

    Hi gents, The US OB has a 3-3-7 E class (not boxed E) hs. Is this a typo? Should it be a 3-4-7 boxed E class hs? Thanks, John
  11. John Fedoriw

    A couple of crest questions

    Hi gents, Hi gents, I think I may have been playing crest status wrong. Per the rules: B20.96 BROKEN UNITS: If broken, Crest Infantry must leave their Crest status during the following RtPh. & A10.51 DIRECTION: A routing unit may never rout toward a Known armed enemy unit ... nor, if...
  12. John Fedoriw

    FB 15 - The Taking of Object 59 question

    Hi gents, Axis setup instructions say that the vehicles may not setup in a non factory building/rubble. Can they setup IN a railcar (ie not in VB)? FB 6.22 says Vehicles may only enter a Rail Car hex using Vehicular bypass Movement as if entering a building hex. Technically its not a...
  13. John Fedoriw

    Do you lose concealment if you advance into an in-season rice paddy?

    Hi gents, I find E8 confusing. I think you may retain concealment when advancing into a paddy...but due to banks being like OG (actually even more dangerous with the Hazardous Move penalties) my opponent and myself are not sure. Any help is appreciated. Thanks, John
  14. John Fedoriw

    Why do I get a gap between these boards?

    Compare the 2 images below. Why does the second have that gap between the boards when 15a is flipped? I get this on VASSAL 3.6.5 + VASL & VASSAL 3.5.8 + VASL Thanks for any answers. John
  15. John Fedoriw

    Any idea how to set the broken morale for the 0-0-0 DYO squad counter?

    I can set class, FP, range and morale on the good order side of the counter but cant set broken morale. Thanks for any help you can give.
  16. John Fedoriw

    Having an issue with the Dinant board

    Hi gents, I recently upgraded to VASSAL 3.6.5 and VASL and find that since then VASL only intermittently recognizes the Dinant board. It seems to try and update the board and then hangs up there. I then opened another saved game file and it loaded up OK. I had Dinant loaded up on VASL...
  17. John Fedoriw

    Festung Budapest design question

    Hi gents, I am reading through the FB rules and came across this footnote: "17.2. FB DEBRIS: ...Terrain features like brush and orchards can disappear under Debris and then "magically" reappear after a few successful Clearance DRs..." This is because of these rules: "2.6 TERRAIN: Falling...
  18. John Fedoriw

    Can an SMC posses a 5PP weapon while riding a tank?

    Hi gents, I have a situation where it is desirable to have a Russin leader ride a tank while possessing an MMG. Per the rules: "D6.2 RIDERS: ...Rider capacity is limited to a maximum of 14 PP." So you cannot load a Russian MMG onto a tank with a squad (that would be 15 PP). But a leader is...
  19. John Fedoriw

    Looking for regular Thurs night game

    Looking for regular live play on the VASL server on Thursday evenings. (EST time zone). I'm an average player who has been playing a long time. I am pretty easy going (and hope to find an opponent who shares this attitude). I am not interested in teaching the game. (I tried that before and it...
  20. John Fedoriw

    Another (probably stupid) Dinant question

    Hi gents, Rereading DN4.615 and it says: "4.615 SCENARIO COMMENCEMENT & SETUP: ...Purchased "?" may be placed on Good Order units if: a vehicle is in Concealment Terrain and out of LOS of all Good Order enemy units; Infantry is either out of LOS of, or ≥ 17 hexes away from, all Good Order...