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  1. HansK

    Tiger 131 tale revisited

    Interesting new facts about the capture of Tiger 131:
  2. HansK

    Fallschirmjäger drop

    Guys, American/British paratroopers approaching a drop zone were getting ready for the jump when a light on board the Dakota/C-47 went on and next, helped by a jumpmaster, dropped on a green light. Or at least, that is the basic idea (more or less). How did this work with the German...
  3. HansK

    Battle at Best

    Did anybody play this yet? Or taken a closer look at it? What do you think of it? (please, serious answers only, do not want to start another bashing spree)
  4. HansK

    Armies of Oblivion reprint, finally!

    MMP has announced that Armies of Oblivion will be reprinted. :) I hope that the guys that do not own this core module, like me, get a chance to grab a copy of it. Thanks MMP!!! Much appreciated. :)
  5. HansK

    ASLRB binder and Festung Budapest

    Yesterday I wanted to put the Festung Budapest pages in my ASL binders, and started wondering what the 'official' place to put them would be. Now I have put them behind the Valor of the Guards pages, so after BRT (which I unfortunately do not own), and in front of the Z. Mini-modules. Where do...