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  1. sdennis

    Setup within 4 hexes of XXX...

    Having a brain fart.... when you see a setup instruction like "Setup within 4 hexes of a hex" do you count that hex as 1? Exact example, "Setup within 4 hexes of 1M5" Can I setup in 1M1? 1M9? My rather slow thinking today is 1M1 is within 4 hexes of 1M5 (1M2 = 1, 1M3 = 2, 1M4 = 3, 1Mg = 4)
  2. sdennis

    Manila maps....

    OK now that I have Manila.... how in the hell does everyone play these multi-map CGs??? Neil and I are looking at CG2 which is 4 mapsheets, so we need a table that is 4 feet x 6 feet!!! Who has a 4 foot wide table? And even if we do put a piece of plywood or something on top of our table how do...
  3. sdennis

    Reserves, Night, Bombardment questions

    So we setup our Inor night scenario last night and I purchased a bombardment. Bombardment is pre-game. Night Defender has reserves. As it turns out my bombardment errored and hit mostly reserves. I see no reason that reserves are also not on No Move. Does a pre-game bombardment attack remove No...
  4. sdennis

    Recalled, Immobilized, and in a FFE

    So I have ended up with a recalled (X out MA), immobilized AFV that is IN an FFE. Must it abandon into the OBA? Doesn't make a lot of sense but I can't find any Q&A that says anything.
  5. sdennis

    Concealed/HIP in crest

    I'm pretty sure we got this right and it won't make a huge difference if we didn't... can a squad be concealed or HIP in Crest of a brush/gully hex? Specifically X11 on Inor map. The brush is on both sides so the rule says that means the brush is also IN the gully so it seems like concealment...
  6. sdennis

    On Map Setup in Inor CGs

    If I buy guys for on map setup, can they setup in ANY of my disjointed setup areas? Does everyone from the same "buy" have to setup in the same single setup area?
  7. sdennis

    Wire & Trench question

    If you have trenches under wire you can move from one trench to another without considering the wire. This is clear. What happens if you wish to leave the trench and occupy the other terrain in the hex (which still has wire in it)? Are you under the wire? or on the wire? I could not find...
  8. sdennis

    Inor CG Bombardment

    The bombardment says pick a pre-reg hex, etc. Are there any LOS requirements for such hex? Can it literally be any hex? Must it be visible from your setup area? entry area?
  9. sdennis

    Inor CG3 scenario 2 question

    Guys, In CG3 scenario 2 the Germans get a bonus of 10 CPP that can only be spent on I, V, & G that enter on Turn 2. What about Guns that are purchased? By rule they are allowed free setup when they are purchased but the points used to buy them have the "enter Turn 2" restriction? Which rule...
  10. sdennis

    Inor CG III Initial movement restrictions

    What is the intent behind I SSR #5: (No French Personnel may voluntarily exit its Setup Area before Turn 2) for Inor Village forces? A strict reading means they can't leave the building they setup in because that is how Rule 3 i describes the village "All Buildings on/west...." So I read that...
  11. sdennis

    CGIII initial victory conditions

    Maybe it's a translation issue but... CG III initial scenario victory condition reads land control & "... have amassed >= 17 CG VP more than the French" NOTE: This is different than in the rule book which reads "...has earns >= 18 VP more than the French at scenario end" I will read earns as...
  12. sdennis

    Inor Map Question

    Not a frequent user of VASL, mainly for setup/planning. Trying to use VASL to gather my thoughts for Inor and installed the map and the extension and the map doesn't seem to have the CG VP red circles on it? Or is it pilot error on my part? Makes it a bit hard to plan when the copy we will use...
  13. sdennis

    Inor map question wrt buildings/road

    How are we supposed to handle hexes like B47, J45, or R17? Even though they don't look like narrow street hexes are we to treat them like that? i.e. if a vehicle enters R17 from Q17 can we bypass on hexside 4 and stay on the road?
  14. sdennis

    FB Refit question

    OK looks like this might happen in my FB CGII.... T34/85s are withdrawn in 17.6072 only if Mobile. It than says isolated mobile start the next scenario under recall, etc. 17.6131 is where you can reman an abandoned non-isolated AFV and than you can try to make it mobile. So what happens to a...
  15. sdennis

    Budapest Q&A/Errata?

    My brother and I are contemplating trying FB again and I was wondering did anyone collect all of Bill's Q&A or Errata in one location? Just searched MMP/Klas and didn't find anything but I know for instance that I have some superscript changes written in my rules. Searching on these forums blows...
  16. sdennis

    Cloaking counter and CX?

    Can a cloaking counter be CX? If so under what conditions? In Turnscrew all counters can be marked CX to simulate exhaustion from too much attacking, etc. but if this happens can we/do we mark cloaked counters at night CX? I guess what happens if a cloaking counter does an advance vs...
  17. sdennis

    Another Turnscrew rules question

    The special snipers are "fired at as if concealed", what does this mean for ITT acquisition? Does this mean you can't fire a tank or gun at them and gain/use ITT acquisition? Or can you get acquisition and use it with the +2 Case K? Normally if you hit a concealed target you gain ITT...
  18. sdennis

    Rubbled Rowhouse question

    If a rowhouse is rubbled at ground level but the hex sharing the black bar is NOT rubbled can a level 1 unit "behind" the black bar see ANYTHING through the black bar? i.e. does the black bar still exist at level 1 even though the other side level 1 DOES NOT EXIST?
  19. sdennis

    Covid inquiries for Russia, Sweden, Denmark and Estonia

    Guys, I'm supposed to go on a Viking cruise from Stockholm to St. Petersburg to Tallinn, to Copenhagen (with 2 islands in between). Anyone on this board have any insight on those countries? Are they letting foreigners in? Looking for any local insight vs. trusting the US Gov. websites, etc...
  20. sdennis

    Turnscrew hillside walls and Rout

    Can a unit rout up/down a hillside wall in Turnscrew? It says only minimum move or advance vs. difficult terrain but it doesn't mention an actual MF cost so can you rout across that side? If so, how much? Low crawl only?