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  1. tekay44

    BFP C-1

    can some give me a quick overview on how to add BFP C-1 to my maps? Thanks, i will keep looking in the meantime. wow, found it, hiding in plain sight.
  2. tekay44

    3 player games

    Does anyone have a few dedicated 3 player game titles, for a gameday? Thanks in advance.
  3. tekay44

    bfp rc-1

    having a tough time figuring out how to get this overlay to work, any ideas. Thanks
  4. tekay44

    Crew survival question

    vehicle in bypass of an mmc in a bldg. Tank is knocked out. does the crew get a survival roll, even though considered in hex with the mmc. if so, do the enter cc with the mmc?
  5. tekay44

    map 69 ?

    there is no map 69 to download? am I missing something?