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  1. Johnne

    I want to play Boot Hill! Or perhaps some other western / cowboy game

    Would anybody be into that? I don't see any listings on Roll20 for Boot Hill or the like. I rather like the shoot-out mechanics. Cheers, ~John
  2. Johnne

    Campaign Game of Hube's Pocket?

    Hey everyone! Trying to figure out if there is a campaign game or module for Hube's pocket. I am aware of the classic scenario. But the historical setting was hugely bigger, wasn't it? Couldn't it be a mini-campaign game? Has anybody tried? I remember a non-ASL solo mini-game version I got in a...
  3. Johnne

    Can't open VASL 6.6.4

    I just downloaded VASL 6.6.4 and laid out a scenario with it. But when I try to open it, etc, I get a message "the not a valid VASSAL module." It also says "cannot open" 6.6.1 Do you happen to have any suggestions? Thanks! ~John Otrompke
  4. Johnne

    Help!? Can't open scenario for VASL game today

    Hi, Is there an IT specialist here? I just updated VASL and VASSAL to the latest and I cannot open the scenario my opponent and I had already laid out ("Duel at Reuler" ICIM). It says "Defunct Custom Code." Running latest versions and Windows 10 I think. Recommend solution? Many thanks...
  5. Johnne

    Seeking Boot Hill game or Gamma World / Boot Hill crossover

    Howdy, I took a break from role-playing for quite a few years and picked it up again during the pandemic. I would like to play Boot Hill (or something similar) but can't seem to find a game. Also there doesn't seem to be a "Boot Hill" tab on Roll 20. I would also like to play a Gamma World /...
  6. Johnne

    Many thanks for new version- Highlight red circle on map now works!

    Many thanks for the fix, IT design people!
  7. Johnne

    How do I load Crucible of Steel extensions? -I am missing tanks for Steamroller

    Hi everyone, Congrats to relevant parties for new VASL version- I can now use Highlight Red Circle on Map! I am trying to play Steamroller. I can't seem to find 2 German tanks, or the Churchhill. Opponent has them. Trying to figure out how to get them. BFP Opponent says load VMDX extension...
  8. Johnne

    Problem with red circle on map / auto convert to 6.6.1?

    Hi all, I have a difficulty with the red circle on map function in 6.6.1 . I can't scroll down far enough in the window to press 'select' (or whatever the button says). A friend showed me how to convert it to a 3-D scroll device with arrow keys, but when I tried to click, or press return, it...
  9. Johnne

    Any Board or Computer Games that depict Kursk on a strategic level?

    Hi all, Any Board or Computer Games that depict Kursk on a strategic level? I'm not talking about anything on the company level, so I wasn't thinking of ASL. Alternatively, are there any board or computer games that depict the big tank battle at Para-what's it called again. Prodosnoytsa, or...
  10. Johnne

    Can anyone remind me: What if system mis-assigns the wrong player control of concealment counters?

    Hello everyone, Happy board-gaming! I was just about to resume play of a saved scenario (and I admit it was not going that great), when we discovered a malfunction. My opponent, playing the American, has been assigned control over my German concealment counters. I can't see them, but my...
  11. Johnne

    A little help with "Silence that Gun!" from Paratrooper?

    Hello all, Question from a newbie: Does anybody happen to know which VASL scenario is 'Silence that Gun' from Paratrooper / Yanks? I see a number of scenarios on the site, but which one is 'Silence that Gun'? Which version of VASSAL / VASL do I need to play it? Thanks!!! ~John, a newbie...
  12. Johnne

    Seeking future virtual, VASL tournaments

    Hello all, Some of these posts describe tourneys that have already taken place. Others are far away. Are there any VASL tournaments taking place in fall or winter 2020 or thereafter? How do I keep abreast of such? Many thanks, ~John
  13. Johnne

    Would anyone like to play a live game on VASL with me?

    Hello everyone, I have played ASL in hard copy many times, tho I think it was the first edition, and that was many years ago. Would anybody be interested in playing a game with me? I am quite flexible as to setting, location, etc. I am on the East Coast US. Thanks for your consideration!
  14. Johnne

    At last! I have reached the ASL page

    Hello everybody, I have a lot of experience with this hobby, though it has been a while. I am on the East Coast in the US. I have been playing a few games on VASSAL, but haven't gotten a chance to play SL / ASL on VASL yet. I look forward to an opportunity, for sure. Also, is there a...