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  1. echack

    Reprint BtB 2, Cobra, HG 2

    There appear to be differences in woods on the top edge of the boards.
  2. echack

    Squad Leader Licensed by Hasbro

    Squad Leader has been licensed along with some other AH games (Diplomacy and Axis and Allies) to Renegade Games. Squad Leader? Really?
  3. echack

    SASL Will Be Reprinted

    Over at the ASL FB group, someone asked if Solitaire ASL will be made available again. Brian Youse replied "Yes."
  4. echack

    SASL Will Be Reprinted

    Over at the ASL FB group, someone asked if Solitaire ASL will be made available again. Brian Youse replied "Yes."
  5. echack

    Operation Neptune

    Got mine Tuesday, it all looks great!
  6. echack

    MMP’s website states it’s shipping HL preorders!

    I got my "shipped" email today.
  7. echack

    For King & Country reprint

    USPS says they have double the number of packages this year compared to last.
  8. echack

    For King & Country reprint

    Nope. Preorder was gone.
  9. echack

    ASL Journal 13

    Yeah. I missed out on the FKaC preorder because they didn't mention the changed/new counters.
  10. echack

    For King & Country reprint

    Sigh. If the page for it had said more/new counters I would have ordered it. MMP: Please, please be explicit on reprint preorder pages about what exactly has changed.
  11. echack

    For King & Country reprint

    Is the only change from the last printing some scenario errata/balance changes?
  12. echack

    Late 2020 Production Schedule

    About the counter problems: "It was counter print runs for For King and Country, and the reprint of ASLSK2 that were affected. Not just colours in the print run not matching other products, but colours within the print run not matching. That's why those two have fallen off the schedule for...
  13. echack

    Late 2020 Production Schedule

    From ConSimWorld MMP forum: Removed and rescheduled for 2021 Reprint of For King and Country ASL Journal on preorder ASL Overlay Pack on preorder GTS Saar on preorder GTS Utah on preorder OCS Scorpions in a Bottle on preorder Storm Over Jerusalem on preorder Special Ops #10...
  14. echack

    Decision on WO2021?

    HIPAA is a set of restrictions on those that generate and store medical data. There is nothing in it that precludes voluntary disclosure by the person that the data concern. For example, I have waived HIPAA rights between my medical providers and my insurance company so that they can get claims...
  15. echack

    Decision on WO2021?

    There have been some minor mutations in the SARS-CoV-2 virus. But, none seen are significant. The increased fatalities in NY/NJ were probably due to rapid spread into nursing homes. The virus is significantly more deadly to those over 65. None of the mutations affected the spike protein which...
  16. echack

    Veterans Day Sale

    Not really. The USPS was, a number of years ago, required to do the same pension accounting and retiree benefits accounting as a private company. Their pension fund is in good shape, but the retiree medical benefits package is screwed up for a number of reasons which are hard to explain in a...
  17. echack

    Decision on WO2021?

    Given the news on SARS-CoV-2 vaccines over the last few days, the US could have as many as 270 million people vaccincated by then, well above herd immunity.
  18. echack

    MMP Updates 2020

    Over at Consimworld, Chas Argent posted this week that the eASLRB is finished. They are now checking the "bazillion links". Brian Youse said that as errata and fixes happen after release, they will be made available.
  19. echack

    eRulebook, Pocket Chapter H and errata update (for those not on FB)

    According to a post by Chas Argent on ConsimWorld, the eASLRB is built but they are checking the "bazillion links". Brian Youse posted that they will push updates as errata are found, but they want to find as many problems as possible before release.