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    Finn Project

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    Prokhorovka! VASL Maps?

    Howdy, Are there VASL maps for the Prokhorovka! module? Apologies if this has been asked before (couldn't find anything.) B- EDIT: Nevermind, found the answer in the Advancing Fire forum (should've checked there first <slaps forehead>)
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    No Image

    Posted this on FB, but figured I'd cross-post here. Was setting up a game this afternoon and I came across this "No Image" situation. VASL 6.6.2. NBD, didn't effect my game, just wanted to throw it out there and make...whoever...aware. Carry on.
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    Yankee ASL Nor'ester Pack XX Question

    Wait, what? Apparently I've been asleep. What's this about a Nor'easter XXV pack? @Carln0130 , can you ping me a link? Please and thank you. TIA-
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    Wall/Hedge LOS to VBM CAFP

    Quick question for the Peanut Gallery. See the image below. A vehicle is in bypass at the P9/P10/O10 CAFP. Is there LOS from N7? I had thought "No". But re-reading D2.37 (last sentence), I'm thinking it's clear. What say ye? B-
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    Got my games.
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    Hi, Looking for 1-2 more VASL PBeM games. Any theater/nationality. Can usually send a log daily(-ish
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    Less Intense US Colors

    Yes, please!
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    VASL6.6.0 is officially released

    This! Came to say this! Very helpful feature that I use(d) a ton! What the deuce???
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    Sdkfz 7/1(L) Counter in VASL?

    Ah!!! The "SPA" tab! I was looking under the "ht" tab (which has various other AA HT -- go figure.) Thanks!
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    Sdkfz 7/1(L) Counter in VASL?

    Hi, Looking for the above counter in VASL. I have the onslaught-to-orsha-6.0 extension loaded, but can't find it. Is this a new counter for OtO2? TIA- Burnie
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    A Name For The Iwo Jima Module

    Shadow of Suribachi.
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    Snow Overlay

    I'm setting up a scenario on board 2, using draggable overlays OG4 and OG5. I'm using the Ground Snow terrain transformation, but the overlays are still green (i.e. not transformed.) I see the following in the chat window: Where might I find this gif file. I looked "inside" the ovrOG file...
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    OBA & SMOKE When Not Specified in the Scenario

    So, playing an old General scenario, G9 - Sunday of the Dead. The Germans receive " module of loo+mm OBA with Scarce Ammo, directed by an Offboard Observer at level O." I know in these old scenarios the type of fire missions (HE, SMOKE, whatnot) weren't really specified. I have a hazy...
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    Issue Cropping Board BFPDW1b

    That worked. Thanks.
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    Issue Cropping Board BFPDW1b

    Setting up for BFP27 and I'm having trouble cropping this board. BFPDW1a crops just fine. However, when I crop 1b, I get this: I've tried cropping different combinations of coordinates and always get the same result. What I did: Start new scenario Select boards BFPDW1a and BFPDW1b Click...
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    ASL204 - Human Bullets Q

    Oh that's right! There's something in Chapter W about all off-map roads as still being considered to exist...or something like that. At least in Steep Hills? I dunno, whatever, makes sense now. Thanks!
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    ASL204 - Human Bullets Q

    Hi, So the VC state, in part: "...vehicles may only exit through hexside 82R3-Q3 (see SSR 6)." Only, the Q hex row is not in play on board 82 (R-GG), and there is no SSR 6. Have I just not had enough coffee? Just something left over from the playtest process? Didn't see any errata on the...