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  1. Richard Trippeer

    BFP 129 - A Bitter Day

    My first AAR and the most fun game of ASL that I have played so far.
  2. Richard Trippeer

    Newbie looking for a VASL game this Saturday 7/8/17

    I am in the US, Central time, and I am looking for a Vassal game some time during the day Saturday. I am up for pretty much anything, but I might ask some newbie questions, especially if there are vehicles involved.
  3. Richard Trippeer

    Looking for opponent in Saint Louis, MO

    I just bought Starter Kit #1 and I am looking for someone that does not mind showing a newbie the ropes. Vassal is great, but I'd like to actually sit down at a table and play with someone. That's the best part of boardgames!