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    Missing Scenario Card

    Hello! I just went to pull scenarios to get ready for the upcoming Bitter Ender tournament and it appears that my copy of LFT #14 is missing the scenario card for FT242 That Bridge Again. Would it be possible to receive a replacement for this missing scenario card? Thanks! Bill
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    FrF98 Amerikanskaya Suka

    I'm cross posting this from the ASL Specialty Forum's Events & Tournaments Folder's Bitter Ender Live Update Thread in the hope that more people get to see it since it's somewhat buried in that Thread. So, the Bitter Ender Championship game with Doug Sheppard came down to a scenario choice...
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    Ammunition Shortage Article/Cheat Sheet/Player Aid?

    Is there an article, cheat sheet, or player aid anywhere in the ASL universe that fully explains the Ammunition Shortage rules? Thanks! Bill
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    Latest 3-Player Scenarios?

    Have there been any new, true three-player scenarios released since the two in Journal 11? J164 Aiding the Local Constabulary and J171 Whom Gods Destroy? Thanks!
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    Japanese Scenario Recommendation

    Hi, I'm looking for a recommendation of a relatively recently published, Japanese scenario (PTO/non-PTO Terrain okay), that is "tournament"-sized that you really enjoyed. Thanks! Bill
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    My Albany AARs

    Round 1 Mid Thursday (1pm start) DB130 Tigers in Flames Cirillo (defending German: G0) vs. Ron Duenskie (attacking Russian: R1) Cirillo PBS A 1 Increase German SAN to 5 I’ve had the good pleasure to play Ron on a couple of occasions over the past two years. Always a tough competitor...
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    Journal 11 Sticky Errata Version Control

    Hello, I just realized that I never cut and pasted in my Journal 11 Sticky errata. I also just realized that the version I printed out last year is labeled "Journal 11 Sticky Errata Ver 1 (17 July 2016)" but the version I just saw online is labeled "Journal 11 Sticky Errata Ver 1 (24 July...