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  1. Yuri0352

    El Alamein commemoration

    In Burma, the British did 'stick around' long enough for Bill Slim's 14th army to inflict upon the Imperial Japanese Army the greatest defeat in its history.
  2. Yuri0352

    El Alamein commemoration

    Malaya Burma Greece Crete New Guinea
  3. Yuri0352

    El Alamein commemoration

    Every bit of that which you wrote applies to me as well! While I haven't commemorated this important anniversary by playing ASL, it has inspired me to re-read 'Alamein to Zem Zem' by Keith Douglas. On a related note, I have been doing a quite a bit of reading of my old issues of 'After the...
  4. Yuri0352

    My guess is that this is a 2-3-8 Fanatic Sapper HS

    Get that fruit outta there and make room for the anchovies!
  5. Yuri0352

    Products that I'd like to see MMP produce

    Excellent points! I should have clarified in my earlier post that I have no complaint with any of the 'Fort' boards, and I have enjoyed every scenario which I have played upon them.
  6. Yuri0352

    Products that I'd like to see MMP produce

    I could not have said it better regarding the geo boards. I am beyond done with them. I have been spoiled by the unique flavor and appearance of the HASL's... Festung Budapest, Operation Turnscrew, and Fight for Seoul in particular. 'ASL life' is too short IMO to keep playing on the same...
  7. Yuri0352

    Reaction Fire. And Pinning.

    This is the most entertaining thread which I have ever read in the Rules & Errata sub-forum.
  8. Yuri0352

    The ASL Book Club

    I am currently reading 'Resistance' (the underground war against Hitler 1939-1945) by Halik Kochanski. This is perhaps the most informative, enlightening and best researched book which I have ever read on such a broad topic related to the Second World War. It is so much more than a mere...
  9. Yuri0352

    What Scenario Have You Played The Most?

    Khamsin A Bridgehead Too Wet Ci Arrendiamo! Bloody Red Beach
  10. Yuri0352

    Good CH Products

    I have enjoyed playing Ruweisat Ridge... the second edition version with the map that doesn't look like it was produced with crayons.
  11. Yuri0352

    Best CG games that fit this description...

    This is easy... Hands down, The CG which probably best fits your specifications is the Operation Turnscrew CG which is included with Dispatches From the Bunker #44. Designed by Tom Morin, the CG depicts the late 1944 assault on Rees, Germany by British forces. Although the battle occurs in a...
  12. Yuri0352

    Where's YOUR Blight?

    Plaszow was initially operated as a forced labor camp supplying slave labor to the nearby armaments factories in Krakow and a stone quarry. Later Plaszow was operated as a concentration camp in addition to its function as an arbeitslager (sp?). Seems to be one in the same to me.
  13. Yuri0352

    Where's YOUR Blight?

    I noticed the town of 'Pleszow' in the Krakow image. Would this be the site of the infamous labor camp featured prominently in 'Schindler's List'?
  14. Yuri0352

    A new "Panther" by Rheinmetall

    The new Panther certainly appears to be a very capable AFV. I can't help but notice that Rheinmetall seems to have reintroduced the turret front 'shot trap' of its WWII predecessor.
  15. Yuri0352

    Manila maps....

    Maude Lebowski had a similar set up which could be considered.
  16. Yuri0352

    Passing of one of the last of Merrill's Marauders.

    Thanks for the heads up, I'll be looking for this.
  17. Yuri0352

    Designer/Tester Trend Russian Leaders

    Totally agree!
  18. Yuri0352

    Russian Red counters

    Excellent close up photos of the counters! Buyers take note of the differences in the attachment points for the counters in the MMP products and the CH counters. The process of removing the CH counters from the sheets will require much more effort than those from MMP. I experienced this first...
  19. Yuri0352

    The Fight for Hue a play through of the modules content

    Great product info! I for one would love to see some 'official' modules regarding the post-french period of the Vietnam war. Side note... the photo on the game's cover was printed in reverse (check out the features of the marine's M-16). That example of a lack of editing or review has always...
  20. Yuri0352

    Is this forum dead?

    Although the flame wars and meltdowns were rather entertaining, on the whole I welcome the new level of moderation and civility as of a few years ago. Here is an example of poor moderation and chronic digital thread derailment. I frequently log in to and follow a certain well known...