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  1. Pacman Ghost

    Infinite smoke for British tanks

    There are some British tanks that are listed as having Multi-Applicable Note S e.g. British Centaur IV (Note 18): MA 95* Cromwell VI & VIII (Note 20): MA 95* but there is nothing in that note that is relevant to them: The 2nd paragraph of the note gives some historical information about CS...
  2. Pacman Ghost

    Infantry freezing an AFV

    There are a lot of posts talking about how an AFV can freeze infantry, but does the reverse also apply? The index confirms that an AFV is a unit: So this does seem to say that a Tiger, manned by the cream of the German tank crews, cannot shoot at a swarm of Shermans, because there is a...
  3. Pacman Ghost

    Counters snapping to a non-existent grid on the blank boards

    I often have a lot of data charts and Chapter H notes in my scenarios, so I sometimes need to add blank boards to the side or bottom of my playing area to have space to put them in. However, this sometimes stops me from placing counters in arbitrary positions, I assume because they're snapping...
  4. Pacman Ghost

    Setting vehicles up concealed in bypass

    OB-given ? can be used to conceal units at setup, if they are in concealment terrain. I want to set a vehicle up bypassing a building, and given that a vehicle using bypass is considered to be in the hex being bypassed (i.e. a building hex), does that mean I can set it up concealed (even though...
  5. Pacman Ghost

    Using bypass to enter the board

    The German 4-6-7 wants to enter by bypassing the woods in V0 (one hexside only), then into U1, thus avoiding an attack by the Russian 4-4-7. A2.51 seems fairly clear this is OK: [O]ffboard units may move normally on the Offboard map so as to enter the mapboard on a hex which...
  6. Pacman Ghost

    Are cellars a subterranean location?

    From the index: I read "including" to mean "here are some examples of, but this is not a complete and definitive list". So, if you just consider the definition bit - "a separate, underground Location or passage" - it would appear that a cellar is subterranean. But the rules for Control say...
  7. Pacman Ghost

    Including ad-hoc images in posts

    Are we no longer able to do this? I appear to only be able to link to an image already online somewhere else. Thanks
  8. Pacman Ghost

    Free French vehicles/ordnance

    I'm adding the Free French vehicles/ordnance to the vasl-templates program, and I wanted to make sure my understanding of how they work is correct. The Rarity Factor Charts in Chapter H appear to be the definitive source of what vehicles and ordnance are available for the Free French, and I've...
  9. Pacman Ghost

    Vehicle/ordnance capabilities only in certain theaters

    Hi I don't have access to my Chapter H notes for Axis Minor vehicles/ordnance, so could someone please let me know what the R, S and C superscripts mean e.g. G obr. 38 = NT, s5(1-2R)† Kanon PUV vz. 37(t) = NT, QSU, A4(1S) Skoda M35 = NT, AP7, C7(CS)† The BBcode isn't letting me superscript...
  10. Pacman Ghost

    New program to help set up VASL scenarios

    I play a lot of VASL, and I like to take a bit of time to set up the scenarios so that they look nice, and have useful game-play information e.g. the stuff from the back of vehicle/ordnance counters, PF hit tables, etc. I had text files with templates for the various bits of HTML, but I got sick...
  11. Pacman Ghost

    Zooming just the map

    Is it possible to zoom in on just the map, but leave the pieces the same size? This would be insanely useful when the counter density starts getting high - you'd be able to see what was going on (e.g. by being able to position counters within a hex, a la Deluxe ASL) instead of just seeing a...