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    ASLOK XXXVI - October 2nd-9th, 2022

    This particular scenario? Poznań.
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    ASLOK XXXVI - October 2nd-9th, 2022

    I just talked with Bret Hildebran. Bret is adding a Factories & Rails playtest mini to the ASLOK Mini-Tournament on Wednesday, October 5th. So, if you are planning on attending ASLOK and are interested in participating in a truly awesome Mini Tournament, please look for a sign-up sheet when you...
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    FB 15 - The Taking of Object 59 question

    Hey John, An AFV may only ever use/set up in Bypass in a Rail Car hex. Thanks! Bill
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    any Tachanka counters?

    Pretty sure that MMP released a set of these in Russian colors in one of the Special Ops/Operations Special issues to support a Russian Civil War scenario. Never mind. The Russian counters in Special Operations Issue 3 were ACs.
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    So what scenarios have you played Recently?

    Ummm, no. The corrected VC should help the Axis out as the Hungarian “speed bump” CVP losses don’t count toward the overall Axis CVP losses. So, this should help the Axis out.
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    So what scenarios have you played Recently?

    Great to read that guys are giving this scenario a try! I just wanted to check and see that you were playing the version with the corrected Victory Conditions that is available for free download on the MMP website: Thanks! Bill
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    What are your ASL scenario plans this week?

    Sean Deller and I are going to do the initial Playtest of the final scenario for the product we are developing for MMP. Brits and US Airborne combined arms against defending Germans. Railways and a park to clear. A good friend of mine’s Dad fought there.
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    Vic, I only had this photo from the cover of GQ. Hopefully, it is sufficient. :-) Bill
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    MMP’s website states it’s shipping HL preorders!

    Closed? I guess Perry wasn’t dressed up like the Grinch? 🤣 Hope you guys have a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!
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    MMP’s website states it’s shipping HL preorders!

    “Shipped” being a somewhat relative term. My USPS status is “Shipping Label Created, USPS Awaiting Item”…let’s see how long that takes. 😳
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    [POLL] Do you play other games than ASL?

    I’ve played both of the expansions for Wingspan. The addition of the new “wildcard” food type, nectar, and associated player boards in Oceania changes the game/final scoring quite a bit. My family and friends all enjoy this latest addition. Plus, the bird cards are all awesome. 😊
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    [POLL] Do you play other games than ASL?

    Great Campaigns of the American Civil War series, No Retreat series, COIN series, and about 40 other euro games.
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    Any questions on DTF scenarios, post here (during ASLOK)

    Peter, Follow up question/clarification: per A13.51 "...If Cavalry breaks, it must Bail Out (D6.24); its Horse counter is considered to have bolted or been destroyed and is removed from play..." so, I am assuming that a unit required to take a Bail Out MC is no longer considered Fanatic...
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    All, Rundown on my recent trip to the New York State ASL Championships (aka Albany Tournament). So, it was great to be back at a Face-to-Face ASL tournament! The only downside from a tournament preparedness perspective was that since Sean Deller and I have been concentrating on the...
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    I know that Sean Deller was originally supposed to have played Chuck Tewksbury in this scenario until Chuck had to cancel. Chuck won the Japanese with a bid of J1.
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    Fort, The majority of the Round 1 scenarios are larger as the tournament is set up to only play one pre-selected scenario on that date.
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    MMP Berlin scenario!!!

    Hey! I resemble that remark! 🤣🎲🎲
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    Hollow Legions reprint, Will you play the desert?

    Are you asking to gather feedback because you are debating whether or not to release a desert scenario pack?
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    ASL in SW North Carolina?

    Grew up in Ohio, baseball fan from an early age. Moved south in my twenties. That’s when I learned that “Damn Yankees“ referred to more than just 26 guys from the Bronx. 🙂
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    ASL in SW North Carolina? left out the “damn” part. 🤣