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  1. daveramsey

    A series of interviews

    Hey guys. We've started interviewing "random" ASL'ers for their "desert island scenarios", non-asl game and opponents of choice. They're scheduled to come out once a week and I currently have 5 processed and awaiting release. The first one with last year's Bounding Fire winner, Ian Morris, is...
  2. daveramsey

    The last 10 days (41 games) recorded on the archive

    VASL games are logged/played three times more often than ftf games.
  3. daveramsey

    #75: Setting the Stage

    Quarter finals time - and if you get all the way to close to the end, we uncover a new job opportunity for those dice-disadvantaged players!
  4. daveramsey

    Valor of the Guards or Red Barricades

    Ok- this one's a heavy weight contest! VotG with its gutted factories and crazy rail-cars (along with an extra campaign and more scenarios) - vs the grand-daddy of campaigns, Red Barricades. I know technically you need RB to have all the VotG rules, but we're hand-waving that away to provide...
  5. daveramsey

    Action Packs vs Croix de Guerre 2nd ed

    Oops - I should have posted this one last time.. Are you taking the classic French scenarios along with Dinant or the hundred+ scenarios from the action packs? I think I argued for CdG in episode #74, based on the action packs' similarity to the journal - but in a bare knuckle fight between...
  6. daveramsey

    #74: Dinant Day 2

    Back in Dinant - any comments as to whether the French are in a survivable position? It feels tough after these 2 days..
  7. daveramsey

    Scenario Archive: Feature update

    Not sure if I should keep a thread available for new updates on the archive, but today I added the publication map. I shamelessly stole the idea of mapping a whole publication on google maps from someone who I didn't think to note, but the idea seemed cool. But it also seemed like a lot of work...
  8. daveramsey

    #72: East Bank

    We're playing our first scenario from the latest action pack, and talk about the MGP SASL project, along with Jim's article in LFT#12 on attacking in ASL. A brief conversation inspires me to add the winning/losing streak on your "My page" on the aslscenarioarchive - (full disclosure I had an 8...
  9. daveramsey

    Winter Offensive Packs or Hakkaa Päälle

    These two sets/modules have similar play counts, and are both well respected. I say it's the WO Packs, Martin says it's HP. Help us decide who gets to come at the King (and Country) in the quarter finals, by settling this. Oh - and I see what you guys did with the Annuals vs Festung Budapest...
  10. daveramsey

    For King and Country or Doomed Battalions

    We're into the second round now - so these are getting tricky. Apples and Apples today. Which pack contains the better scenarios (assuming you can pick up the British OoB and Allied Minors elsewhere)? contains the brackets, if you're keen to see the tricky...
  11. daveramsey

    #71: Sticks and Stones

    Today we're playing Sticks and Stones from the second HazMo pack, and take a brief look at the pocket charts, the new chapter H rulebook and pick a scenario to play from action pack 17 in maybe a unique way. Toby gives us some more tips about Pillboxes (generally facing the wrong way) and we...
  12. daveramsey

    Festung Budapest vs the Annuals

    Ok - so following on from our impossible job to find the best modules, Martin and I can't agree as to whether the Annuals as a collection or Festung Budapest is the better 'module'. I know - apples and oranges, but humour me, please!
  13. daveramsey

    #70: Wildcat Strike

    A look at 6 of the round one games played of WO16 Wildcat Strike (a great scenario) and a quick tour of some new Scenario Archive features. Sorry that this one is a little long!
  14. daveramsey

    #69: An Interview with Chuck Hammond (half of HazMo)

    Half of HazMo's team, Chuck Hammond, joins Martin and me for a chat about the HazMo philosophy and ASL in general. A great guy, and if you have an hour to spare, I hope it's worth your time to listen to this funny guy. Thanks Chuck, we had a great time.
  15. daveramsey

    Red Factories or Croix de Guerre 2nd ed?

    Whilst I wait for our latest video to upload.. There have been some easy ones so far, but this one is a bit trickier. For the purposes of this poll we're not considering the Red Barricades content as that has its own entry. If you had to pick just one... (picking RF doesn't preclude you from...
  16. daveramsey

    Action Packs or Pegasus Bridge

    In IR 68 we discuss which is the better ASL product, the action packs or Pegasus Bridge - a completely unfair (but necessary!) question :) We can't decide a winner, so it's down to everyone else. My reasoning is that the action packs are "replaceable" (WO packs, the journals, etc) whereas PB...
  17. daveramsey

    #68: Something Borrowed

    Here we go.. Can I keep up my 1 game winning streak!?
  18. daveramsey

    #65: Hanson's Ridge

    We begin our quest to work out the best official Module (sort of), play Hanson's Ridge and Rob gives an overview and playthrough of Race for the Sarvis. The poll is on this forum, so please help us out and vote away! Cheers!
  19. daveramsey

    Doomed Battalions 3rd ed vs Kampfgruppe Peiper I&II

    This question came up early on in our quest to determine, very scientifically, the best official module. Martin and I couldn't decide and as you'll see, we need your help! Consider the question, if you could only have one of these selections, which one would you go for first, or recommend, or...
  20. daveramsey

    #64: Red Don

    In my latest quest to beat Martin, I take the unfavoured Russians up against the entrenched, OBA ladened Italians in Red Don from Action Pack 3. We also take a look at Eric and Rob's game of Cibik's Ridge, draw the first round of 2022's tourney and give away a copy of From the Cellar 11...